Lotao presents rose-colored ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day press campaigns

The Indian wedding rice “ Glam Wedding Pink ” is not only suitable for preparing tempting dishes - as a Valentine's gift it says more than a thousand words...
Berlin, February 14, 2014. The name of the basmati specialty Glam Wedding Pink goes back to an ancient Indian legend that tells of the love of a maharajah's son for a farmer's girl. It is reminiscent of a colorful Bollywood wedding and is said to associate happiness, love and joy of life. Lotao founder and Risolier Stefan Fak rediscovered the Indian basmati specialty on one of his trips. For more than three years, the Austrian native has been tracking down traditional, sometimes forgotten rice varieties and bringing them to the European market under the umbrella of his company Lotao. The wedding rice is enriched with Chinese sea buckthorn and oranges. The fine acidity develops in the rice and gives it a fruity note.
Glam Wedding Pink appears in the Lotao Deli product range, which includes a total of four varieties in individually designed 300 gram cellophane bags. The rice creations from the Lotao Deli range cost 3.99 euros per pack (recommended retail price) and are now available in well-stocked retailers.

Seduce the bride with a love menu for rosy times

Glam Wedding Pink turns every dish into a celebration,” enthuses Risolier Stefan Fak. “With its grainy, light structure, it transforms fish and meat dishes into glamorous dishes or a tasteful meal for lovers.” Lotao has an exciting love menu for Valentine’s Day Cooking developed: delicate pink salmon rilletos and an exotic pink beetroot soup are followed by a fiery poultry curry on a bed of pink rice . A delicate pink chocolate mousse is served as dessert. Ingredients, recipe information and photos of the dishes can be found at www.risolier.de from February 2014.

Declaration of love in a pink rice bed

In many cultures, rice is associated with love and fertility - which is why the tradition of throwing rice on the wedding day, which comes from Asia, has become established in many cultures. For Valentine's Day, pink honeycomb rice is an excellent gift of love - for example as tasteful packaging for an engagement ring.
Lotao is providing 10 x 5 packets of Glam Wedding Pink for media collaborations/reader campaigns for Valentine's Day. If you are interested, please contact us by email (presse@lotao.com). You can find out more about the specialties of Lotao and Lotao Deli at www.lotao.com or at www.risolier.de .

Lotao and Reiters Posthotel (Tyrol) present: Oriental love journey “pink cloud”

Reiter's Posthotel Achenkirch in Tyrol has – together with Lotao – developed the oriental pampering package “pink cloud”. The romantic arrangement is intended for all lovers who want to do something good for themselves - whether newly in love, already married or just because. The package includes three nights including Posthotel feel-good board, a Rasul treatment in an oriental ambience, a Far Eastern aromatic oil massage and a relaxing hand peeling. The Valentine's Day offer can be booked from just €561 per person in a double room.
For Valentine's Day, Lotao and Reiter's Posthotel are offering the “Heartbeat” package as a unique and exclusive option for a media cooperation. If you are interested, please contact us by email (presse@lotao.com). Further information about Reiter's Posthotel can be found at www.posthotel.com.

About the Risolier and Lotao

Stefan Fak is the first Risolier in Europe. He chose this name for himself because his knowledge of rice and his intensive engagement with the topic are more than just expert knowledge. The Risolier's knowledge and experiences with rice production and processing options go beyond the purely culinary - he also deals with the political, social and cultural aspects of rice and thus also with the importance of the grain for the world's population. Its goal is to contribute to the preservation of rare, forgotten Asian rice varieties and to spread and preserve associated traditional stories and myths. With the expert blog “der Risolier” he has also created a forum for the exchange of topics relating to the miracle grain of rice ( www.risolier.de ).
Lotao Deli: Four exciting varieties with a touch of Bollywood
The Lotao Deli product range includes four varieties in individually designed 300 gram cellophane bags and is now available in well-stocked retailers. In addition to the already well-known rice specialties Sparkling Volcano Terra, Wizard of Laos and Royal Pearl Black, the Lotao Deli range includes the new variety Glam Wedding Pink, a debut on the European market ( www.lotao.de ).

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