Lotao Deli: Biomarke des Jahres 2016

Lotao Deli: Organic Brand of the Year 2016

The “Organic Brand of the Year” prize was awarded at the ANUGA food fair in Cologne. This year, for the first time, the expert jury decided on a special prize for innovation - which Lotao was able to accept for the food retail sales focus .
The “Organic Brand of the Year” award was launched in 2008 by the Food Practice magazine and the bioexperts Consulting Group to recognize the outstanding, special organic commitment of brand manufacturers and “to give them a differentiating feature through the award.” says Bettina Röttig, editor of Food Practice.
For Stefan Schmidt, managing director of Arche Naturprodukte, the prize is a small contribution to promoting the ecological idea and ecological agriculture, ecological clarity, credibility and transparency . Because, says Schmidt: “Our customers are much more intelligent than we think. People are thinking... They like more organic farming, they want fair prices for farmers... And they want the land to continue to belong to farmers in the future and not to any corporations.”
In his laudatory speech, Reinhard Mihr, editor-in-chief of Grocery Practice, explains the jury's reasons for awarding the special prize for innovation to the “Lotao Deli” rice series :

Innovative: Risolier Stefan Fak and Jens Pöhnisch (Head of Marketing and Sales Lotao GmbH)

“Lotao sends the consumer on a journey to discover culinary treasures from foreign, especially Asian, cultures. Adding greater value to a staple food like rice is a huge achievement. Lotao succeeded in this challenge with the help of a special concept.”
Against this background, the award is a great honor for Lotao and an extraordinary motivation for our entire team .
Many, many thanks to the jury, consisting of: Thomas Gutberlet (Managing Director Tegut), Michael Radau (Board Member SuperBioMarkt AG), Karl Schweisfurth (Managing Director Herrmannsdorfer Landwerkstätten Glonn), Stefan Schmidt (Managing Director Arche Naturprodukte), and Bettina Röttig (LP editorial team). ) as well as Werner Manglus and Rolf-Rüdiger Hoffmann (Bioexperts Consulting Group).

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