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Small miracle grain – big business idea: The Berlin company Lotao is now pampering the delicatessen segment with exquisite Asian rice varieties

Berlin in March 2011. Exciting times now begin for rice lovers and those who want to become one: The Berlin start-up company Lotao will enrich the delicatessen segment with forgotten Asian rice specialties. Lotao founder Stefan Fak discovered his passion for the little miracle grain on a long trip to Asia. He now wants to introduce the European gourmet palate to the secrets of the tried and tested Asian rice art and help preserve these hidden treasures and preserve the variety of varieties. “Lotao brings together all the knowledge that I have collected in Asia together with many specialists on the subject of rice,” explains Stefan Fak, who, not without reason, calls himself Germany’s first “risolier” (www.lotao.com).

Rice and much more – refined with exquisite spice compositions :
To enter the market in German-speaking countries, Lotao initially selected six types of rice. The focus is on original Asian rice specialties that are either completely natural or refined with plant reductions. Lotao has also developed an essence made from purely plant-based components for each variety. These so-called perfectioners (finely balanced spice mixtures) and elixirs (enrichments with fruits and spice plants based on rice oil) are added to the rice after cooking and bring the respective variety to its highest level in terms of taste and consistency.

The uniqueness of the selected specialties is underlined by an unusual packaging concept: the elegant black high-gloss cardboard boxes give each of the six varieties its own design concept with individual decorations and photo motifs. Inside the cardboard box, the rice is packed in cellophane bags that are closed with fine satin ribbons. The assembly and packaging of the rice products is carried out entirely by hand and in collaboration with Mosaik Hindertenwerkstätten GmbH in Berlin.

In the first sales phase , Lotao's rice specialties are available at Feinkost Käfer in Munich, at Galeries Lafayette and KaDeWe in Berlin, at OSCHÄTZCHEN in Hamburg and online at www.lotao.com and are available for delivery within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Implementation of a business idea in record time:

Until the beginning of last year, Stefan Fak was employed as marketing manager at Österreichwerbung. After a trip through Asia, which marked the beginning of a new life for the 38-year-old, the implementation of the business idea took seven months until the online shop was activated on February 1, 2011. The Austrian native works with a small network of brand, PR, online and design experts. “For the launch, we are initially relying on press work, online marketing and social media,” explains Stefan Fak. With the blog “Der Risolier”, the founder wants to provide rice experts, gourmets and people who are looking for sensual culinary enjoyment with a platform for creativity Offer exchange (www.risolier.de).

More than a brand: The Lotao principle

The claim " the forgotten secret " points to the role that Lotao wants to play in the market. This not only conveys the high value of rice as a luxury food, but also awakens the spirit of discovery in the consumer," says Professor Carola Anna Elias, owner of CAE BRANDCONSULTING, the brand agency that has accompanied Lotao's strategic brand development since its founding. "The customer of Through the brand, Lotao gets to know the secret treasures of foreign cultures, has new, sensual experiences and enjoys extraordinary products. As a connoisseur, he can indulge his desire for something “special” and still act in an ecologically sustainable and ethically responsible manner, which means the Lotao brand is right on trend,” Elias continues.
If you have any questions or require further information and images, please contact the press office. You can find more information about the products and the company philosophy at www.lotao.com.

Press contact: Contact Lotao:
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Tel.: +49 (0)30 397 944 06 Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Straße 9
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