Lotao Presseinfo | Exotische vegane Frühlingsrezepte

Lotao press release | Exotic vegan spring recipes

Dear journalists, dear veggie enthusiasts,

Small group or not, there was a lot of feasting and hearty enjoyment on the holidays, even around the turn of the year. At the beginning of the year, eating at the table can be a little easier and more conscious. As a little support, Lotao has put together three delicious and easy vegan recipes. How about a low-carb vegetable pan or rice noodles with shiitake mushrooms, each refined with the popular Lotao Veggie Hack based on jackfruit powder and pea protein, which is in no way inferior to animal meat in terms of texture and bite? Or a delicious vegetable stew with the fiery, spicy Lotao Veggie Balls?

Lotao tracks down exotic, honest and sustainably produced foods in Asia, brings them to Europe and thus ensures variety in the kitchen. Preparing the high-quality products is incredibly easy. Fry the Lotao Veggie Hack Granules only with the vegetables chosen for the recipe, deglaze with vegetable broth, let simmer a little, done! Fry the Lotao Veggie Balls in the pan and add them to the dish or serve as an exotic side dish. For the vegan stew with fresh tomatoes, peppers and beans, the delicious balls are simply fried and then boiled down together with the other ingredients. By the way, the strong Lotao Indian Tiger Umbra Rice goes perfectly with this. Well, get it!

All Lotao products are available online at www.lotao.com and in Denn's organic markets.

The full recipe suggestions are attached. High-resolution images and current press releases are available for download at this link. We are also happy to deliver sample packages to your (home) office.

Best regards


Lotao Green “Veggie Hack”
Ingredients: Pea protein jackfruit granules* (100%) (pea protein powder*, jackfruit powder*)
Price: €3.99
Contents: 100 g

Lotao Green “Veggie Balls”
Ingredients: Jackfruit pulp* (57%), onions* (12%), broad bean flour* (10%), tomato paste* (tomatoes*, water) (5%), sesame seeds* (4%), garlic* (4% ), chickpea flour*, Sriracha sauce* (red pepper paste* (red pepper*, water), coconut blossom sugar*, coconut vinegar*, sea salt), coriander leaf paste* (coriander leaves*, water), sea salt, green chili paste* (chilli*, water), mustard sauce * (mustard powder* yellow, coconut vinegar*, salt, turmeric powder*, garlic powder, chili paste* (chilli*, water)
Price: €3.99
Contents: 150 g

* from controlled organic cultivation

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