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GINGER KISS is the new exotic organic coconut blossom sugar variant from LOTAO

Berlin, February 9, 2012. What happens when 100 percent unrefined, natural palm sugar is paired with organically grown lemon ginger from Sri Lanka and a squeeze of pure lemon? The answer is GINGER KISS. Last autumn, LOTAO managing director and rice expert Stefan Fak decided to support a Javanese palm sugar cooperative in marketing its organically grown coconut blossom sugar in Europe. JAVA KISS has been available in selected delicatessens and via the LOTAO online shop since October 2011. The new coconut blossom sugar from LOTAO is an Indonesian rarity. The sweet nectar of the special flower is transformed in the cauldron over the wood fire into a fine crystalline sugar with gentle caramel aromas.
“Indonesian farmers told me that they often mix their sugar with fresh ginger to bring a slight spiciness and variety to their dishes,” explains Stefan Fak, who was born in Austria and lives in Berlin, about the creation of GINGER KISS. The search for pure organic ginger eventually led him to tropical Sri Lanka. A rare lemon ginger is grown there, which - even when dried - is in no way inferior to the taste of the fresh ginger bulb. “In combination with pure lemon and in the right mixing ratio with the palm sugar JAVA KISS, a wonderful creation was created that opens up a wealth of culinary possibilities, including for savory dishes,” enthuses the 39-year-old.

New perspectives for culinary enthusiasts

Traditionally “rooted” in Asian cuisine, ginger has now become an integral part of European cuisine too. Due to its low melting point, lemon ginger palm sugar dissolves quickly in liquids and is very suitable for sweetening coffee and tea as well as for preparing exotic cocktails. It is also perfect for cooking and baking cookies, cakes, soufflés and rice desserts or for making a salad dressing: Mix GINGER-KISS well with a little fresh lemon or orange juice and sea salt in a bowl. Add olive oil and mix with a whisk: done.

Less sweet and rich in vitamins

Javanese coconut blossom sugar is less sweet than conventional industrial sugar and rich in vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6 and vitamin C), and it also contains 16 important amino acids and trace elements (iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium). GINGER KISS - like the original JAVA KISS - has a relatively low glycemic index and does not cause blood sugar to rise as much as other types of sugar. That's why it is also suitable for diabetics.

Sustainable cultivation

Compared to cane sugar, the Indonesian coconut palm requires less than 20 percent of the nutrients contained in the soil, but produces 50 to 70 percent more sugar per acre. Due to its sustainable production and processing, coconut blossom sugar is the only type of sugar recognized by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the World Bank (FAO).


Since February 2011, the Austrian and Berliner Stefan Fak has been selling exquisite Asian rice varieties in the European delicatessen market under the LOTAO label. Its goal is to contribute to the preservation of rare, forgotten Asian rice varieties and to spread and preserve associated traditional stories and myths. With the expert blog “Der Risolier” he has also created a forum for the exchange of topics relating to the miracle grain of rice ( www.risolier.de ).
By refining them with perfectors and elixirs, LOTAO's rice specialties spark new culinary experiences. Perfectioners develop in the rice when added shortly before serving. The loose structure of the rice is retained and is refined by the bouquet of the spicy mixtures. Elixirs are rice oil-based compositions that give the finished rice a smooth consistency and a stimulating shine. They are enriched with selected notes and give the rice a fragrant fullness.
Since October 2011, fine organic Javanese coconut blossom sugar variants have also enriched the LOTAO range. In addition to the pure JAVA-KISS and the GINGER-KISS with its fresh spiciness, the KISS series is to be expanded to include further exotic variants in 2012.
LOTAO's high-quality products are in the delicatessen segment and are primarily aimed at discerning connoisseurs who care about the quality and origin of food. LOTAO's rice and palm sugar specialties are purchased under fair conditions for the producers. Further information at www.lotao.com. For interview requests and to request product samples and images, please contact the press office. For more information about GINGER KISS, JAVA KISS and LOTAO's rice specialties, visit www.lotao.com .
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