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Berlin in December 2016.
Good news for those who need fresh inspiration for their diet: rice and coconut specialist Lotao is starting 2017 with an innovation for the breakfast table. Lotao Twist Perfectioners refine mueslis and yoghurts and give overnight oats, porridges and chias an exciting twist (twist): vegan, gluten-free and of course rice-based. For the breakfast mixes, high-quality rice protein is enriched with exotic berries, coconut, archaic grains or cocoa. This creates three characterful perfectioners that develop their high-quality properties in symbiosis with the classic nutritionally conscious breakfast. It is naturally sweetened with coconut blossom sugar from Lotao.

Rice protein: the secret star among plant proteins

Not all rice fans know that the rice grain not only contains starch but also a protein content. “Athletes and nutrition-conscious people have long known the powerful side of the rice grain,” explains Stefan Fak, Risolier and founder of Lotao. “Vegan lifestyle, gluten intolerance or simply a valuable dietary supplement – ​​these are the topics that rice protein covers,” continues the rice specialist.
Only rice proteins from selected organic rice varieties are used for Lotao Twist. “Our Perfectioners are a tastefully balanced mixture of fruity powders, spices and granules. They really provide a kick because, for example, they not only enhance the taste of the yoghurt but sometimes make it appear “crispy”. This makes them unique on the European market,” adds Fak. Three varieties that have it all:

Lotao Twist Perfectioner Red Berry, chocolate coconut and goji chia

For varied breakfast variations, Lotao has developed three types of Perfectioner based on the valuable rice protein: The Red Berry Perfectioner creates an exciting mix with aronia and maqui berries. Paired with the aroma of local raspberries and strawberries and crispy pre-germinated brown rice meal, this mixture is a real booster for yoghurt, porridge or muesli.
The chocolate-coconut perfecter brings the gold of the Incas, the lucuma fruit, into contact with cocoa nibs, tiger nut and coconut. The Lucuma was a medicine used by the people of the Andes and was considered a symbol of fertility. In fact, the nutrient-rich fruit contains iron, beta-carotene and vitamin B. Rose hips, bananas and buckwheat also enrich this nutty, tart mixture. Stirred into yoghurt, porridge or muesli, this mixture reveals its chocolaty side and banishes the grayness of the morning.
The Goji Chia Perfecter is based on the star of Chinese medicine, the goji berry. With sea buckthorn, bee pollen and chia seeds, the Perfectioner transforms your yoghurt, muesli or porridge into a characterful breakfast specialty. Millet, mango and lemongrass are further ingredients in this exciting composition.

Tip: Mix two heaped teaspoons of the Lotao Twist Perfectioner into 150 g of yoghurt, porridge or muesli. After stirring, let it rest briefly and enjoy. The Perfectioner also gives sweet creams and desserts an exciting twist: uncomplicated, vegan and gluten-free.
The three Lotao Twist variations will be available from February 2017 in 100 gram packaging in selected retailers or via the Lotao online shop at a price of EUR 5.90 each (RRP).
Further information at www.lotao.de . There are numerous recipes for Lotao Twist in the Lotao blog at www.risolier.de .

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