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Press release
++ LOTAO at the BioFach in Nuremberg, Hall 9, Stand 231/h, February 15th - 18th, 2012 ++

LOTAO “Spirit of Bamboo” combines the most important plants in Asia in a unique way
Berlin, February 15, 2012. “Spirit of Bamboo” is one of the six exquisite rice specialties from the LOTAO range. The green bamboo rice is now the first of its kind available in certified organic quality. In a special process, each grain is combined with the extract of organically grown bamboo. “Rice and bamboo are the most important plants in Asia,” explains LOTAO founder and managing director Stefan Fak. “At LOTAO, rice, the epitome of prosperity and happiness, merges with an extract from the plant of purity, bamboo. “That’s why I’m particularly pleased that we can present Spirit of Bamboo in time for BioFach in Nuremberg,” says the 39-year-old.
Stefan Fak has been selling his Asian rice secrets worldwide with great success for a year: more than 80 renowned delicatessen and organic retailers not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, but also in France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Great Britain and the Netherlands LOTAO product range added to their range. In the various Asian regions of origin of his fine rice products, Stefan Fak, who was born in Austria and lives in Berlin, works mostly with rice farmers that he knows personally. He knows that his rice varieties are produced under fair conditions for the manufacturers. The organic certification process has already been completed for some rice varieties, but is still ongoing for others.

Taste perfection with lemon myrtle, chili, mango and cardamon

The special thing about the LOTAO rice specialties - in addition to the careful selection of varieties and grains - is the refinement with fine organic spice compounds. For each type of rice, Stefan Fak's team has developed so-called perfectioners (fine spice blends) and elixirs (enrichments with fruits and spice plants based on rice oil), which bring the respective rice to its highest level in terms of taste and consistency. The Spirit of Bamboo, for example, is refined with a perfectioner made from lemon myrtle, chili, mango, cardamom and sea salt. The Perfectioner “Aromaticum Lemon-Fresh” awakens the taste of bamboo rice and refines its aromatic character.

Preserving Asian rice secrets and maintaining variety

Stefan Fak has now made a name for himself as Europe's first risolier (rice expert). In his expert blog www.risolier.com he regularly publishes interesting knowledge about the miracle grain. Numerous events and a webinar on rice topics are planned for this year. “My primary goal is still to spread the tried and tested rice secrets and to preserve the variety of varieties,” says the Risolier.
Visit LOTAO at BioFach in Nuremberg, Hall 9, Stand 231/h ( www.biofach.de ). If you would like to arrange a meeting during the trade fair, please contact the press office. For more information about LOTAO's rice specialties, visit www.lotao.com .


Since February 2011, the Austrian and Berliner Stefan Fak has been selling exquisite Asian rice varieties in the European delicatessen market under the LOTAO label. Its goal is to contribute to the preservation of rare Asian rice varieties and to spread and preserve associated traditional stories and myths. With the expert blog “Der Risolier” he has also created a forum for the exchange of topics relating to the miracle grain of rice ( www.risolier.de ).
By refining them with perfectors and elixirs, LOTAO's rice specialties spark new culinary experiences. Perfectioners develop in the rice when added shortly before serving. The loose structure of the rice is retained and is refined by the bouquet of the spicy mixtures. Elixirs are rice oil-based compositions that give the finished rice a smooth consistency and a stimulating shine. They are enriched with selected flavors and give the rice a fragrant fullness.
The LOTAO rice range is offered in high-quality, individually designed packaging and is available, among others, at Feinkost Käfer in Munich, at Galeries Lafayette and KaDeWe in Berlin, at OSCHÄTZCHEN in Hamburg, at Billa Corso (all over Austria), at Caviar House Prunier (Europe-wide) and available in Frische-Paradies (Germany-wide). LOTAO rice products are also available online and via mail order. For example, the products are available at Gourmondo.de, vincent-becker.de, Biber.de and Hagengrote.de. A complete list of trading partners is available at www.lotao.com . All products can also be ordered via the online shop and are available for delivery worldwide.
Since October 2011, fine organic Javanese coconut blossom sugar variants have also enriched the LOTAO range. In addition to the pure JAVA-KISS and the GINGER-KISS with its fresh spiciness, the KISS series is to be expanded to include further exotic variants in 2012.
LOTAO's high-quality products are in the delicatessen segment and are primarily aimed at discerning connoisseurs who care about the quality and origin of food. LOTAO's rice and palm sugar specialties are purchased under fair conditions for the producers. Further information at www.lotao.com .

Press contact:
Press office LOTAO
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Tel.: +49 (0)30 397 944 06
Email: presse@LOTAO.com

Contact person LOTAO:
Stefan Fak
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Email: stefan.fak@LOTAO.com

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