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Press release ++ Growth in the Lotao range

Berlin, March 30, 2015. As soon as it is prepared in your own kitchen, the long-grain basmati rice Oriental Sensation Smoked reveals its delicious smell of the beech wood in which it was traditionally smoked. The smoke ritual lasts several hours - only then does the bouquet of spicy wood combine with the fine rice aroma to create a surprising taste experience. The exotic basmati rice will now complement the Lotao Deli product line, with which Risolier Stefan Fak is making his contribution to maintaining the variety of varieties. After all, who knows that there are more than 100,000 varieties of rice worldwide?

First organic smoked rice

“Smoking food not only has a preservative effect, but is also considered – especially in Asian cultures – a spiritual connection between the divine (smoke) and the earthly (food),” explains Stefan Fak. “From April 2015, the Oriental Sensation will also be Smoked be available in the purest organic quality. “Lotao is the first and only manufacturer to offer traditional smoked rice in certified organic quality,” continues the Vienna-born Berliner. Since 2011, Stefan Fak has been revolutionizing the rice market with forgotten rice varieties from various regions of Asia.

Not just for visionaries: red rice from India

Another new addition to the Lotao range comes from the Indian rice farmers' cooperative of the Navdanya Foundation. Indian Tiger Umbra is the name of the strong, grainy red rice, which is also certified organic. The founder of the foundation, Vandana Shiva, is committed worldwide to combating the genetic modification of seeds and to preserving traditional rice varieties. It encourages farmers to be self-determined in agriculture - especially when it comes to choosing seeds. “Indian Tiger Umbra is the only red rice from the Navdanya cooperative available in Europe. We are particularly proud to be able to present this rare short-grain brown rice exclusively under our Lotao Deli brand,” says Risolier happily. Indian Tiger Umbra is ideally prepared as a pilaf, as a rice salad, or as a classic rice side dish and served with hearty meat dishes.

About Lotao Deli:

The Lotao Deli range includes six varieties in individually designed 300 gram cellophane bags. The rice creations are available in well-stocked retailers for EUR 3.99 per pack (recommended retail price). In addition to the Oriental Sensation Smoked and the Indian Tiger Umbra, the range includes Sparkling Volcano Terra, Wizard of Laos and Royal Pearl Black and Glam Wedding Pink ( www.lotao.de ).
Further information at www.lotao.de . For background texts and images, please contact the press office. We will be happy to send a sample pack to journalists upon request. Fine recipes for the two new varieties are available at www.risolier.com .
About the Risolier and Lotao
Stefan Fak is the first Risolier in Europe. He chose this name for himself because his knowledge of rice and his intensive engagement with the topic are more than just expert knowledge. Its goal is to contribute to the preservation of rare, forgotten Asian rice varieties and to spread and preserve associated traditional stories and myths. With the expert blog “der Risolier” he has also created a forum for the exchange of topics relating to the miracle grain of rice ( www.risolier.de ).

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