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Lotao Maya Kiss Agave Sugar

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✓ Agave sweetness from agave syrup
✓ 100% organic
✓ gluten free
✓ Low glycemic index


DE-ÖKO-001, non-EU agriculture

Alle Lotao-Produkte bestehen zu 100% aus natürlichen Inhaltsstoffen.

100% natural

Alle Lotao-Produkte bestehen zu 100% aus pflanzlichen Inhaltsstoffen und sind damit vegan.

100% Vegan

Alle Lotao-Produkte sind lecker und haben den Genuss als höchste Priorität

100% enjoyment

Agave syrup*, dried (95%), corn maltodextrin* (5%)
*from controlled organic cultivation

A sugar specialty with the best properties is created from one of the most fascinating plants in the world: the agave was already valued in the oldest cultures in South America. It flowers only once (“plant of the century”). It stores a sweet, delicious juice in its mighty fleshy leaves.

In order to produce Lotao Maya Kiss, the juice is first obtained from the agave - up to one and a half liters are taken daily. The juice has a short shelf life and is therefore immediately heated and filtered. This process converts the polysaccharides contained in the juice into simple sugars. The result is a clear liquid reminiscent of honey. The syrup is then thickened, completely dried and ground into a powder. The result is a condiment with a unique shelf life and a pleasant texture.

Lotao Maya Kiss agave sugar is the perfect alternative for people who want to do without table sugar but still have a high sweetening power: agave sugar consists largely of fructose and glucose, with the proportion of fructose clearly predominating. Since the glycemic index (GI) of fructose is extremely low, consuming agave syrup has little effect on blood sugar levels. The glycemic load of agave nectar is generally among the lowest of any sweetener.

In contrast to agave syrup, Maya Kiss agave sweetness can be sprinkled, has a longer shelf life even after opening and is easy to use in recipes due to its dry nature. Because agave sweetener dissolves quickly, it is ideal for sweetening hot and cold drinks. Since Maya Kiss is tasteless, you can also refine mild dishes with agave sugar. The sweetness from the Mexican agave is also suitable for spreading on bread, for baking or generally for sweetening desserts.

100 g contain on average:


calorific value 1632 kJ (390 kcal)
fat 0g
of which saturated fatty acids 0g
carbohydrates 98g
of which sugars 96g
protein 0g
salt 0.09g


Lotao Herkunftsland Mexico

Lotao Maya Kiss is produced in Mexico. In the production of Agave Kiss, organic agave syrup is gently evaporated until only the fine, crystalline agave sugar remains.


Lotao Maya Kiss wird aus getrocknetem Agavensaft hergestellt.

Lotao Maya Kiss hat ein sanftes Karamell-Aroma.

Ja, Lotao Maya Kiss ist sehr gut löslich und kann damit gut zum Süßen von Getränken und beim Backen eingesetzt werden.

Kokosblütenzucker Produktion und Stefan Fak von Lotao

Lotao's Exotic Sugar

Our sugars are very special rarities from Southeast Asia. Because of their special production and properties, they offer unique taste nuances. But healthy sugar alternatives are also part of our range.