Was ist Kokosblütenzucker?

What is coconut blossom sugar?

Since many questions about coconut blossom sugar keep coming up, I would like to give some tips about this exciting type of sugar today.
Much of this content comes from my experiences and conversations over the last few years, with chefs, producers and those with a sweet tooth ;) ... Anyone who reads the cheerful question and answer game to the end will be rewarded with a particularly great recipe:
Pumpkin Spiced Latte , a very creative recipe creation by Kristin, product manager at the vegan supermarket chain Veganz. Kristin found this recipe in New York, where Pumpkin Spiced Latte is now an absolute trendy drink. But first, the ABCs of coconut blossom sugar :

What is the difference to palm sugar from the Asian store?

Classic palm sugar is often mixed with brown sugar or the sugar of various palm trees. With the cheap “palm sugar block”, the nectar is not stirred over the fire, but rather dried in containers for hours. This usually leads to contamination. Some suppliers also mix this sugar with sodium sulfite to speed up the drying process. You can recognize sodium sulfite additions by the green shimmer of the sugar and a slightly fishy smell (caution - carcinogenic).

Does coconut blossom sugar taste like coconut?

Although the name “ coconut blossom sugar ” would suggest it, Java Kiss tastes absolutely nothing like coconuts. Coconut blossom sugar has a delicately sweet taste with a light caramel aroma. It literally melts in your mouth and then surprises you with a very light vanilla malt note.


What makes coconut blossom sugar so special? What can it be used for?

The sugar has several properties that make it so excellent in the kitchen: Coconut blossom sugar has a low melting point - it melts immediately in the mouth or in cold liquids.
It is therefore suitable e.g. B. very good for dark cocktails (e.g. with rum). Due to the dark discoloration, the sugar should not be used for light, clear cocktails. The sugar is also ideal for marinades, for sweetening teas and for all chocolate desserts .
Coconut blossom sugar has a low glycemic index (GI). The GI is 32, which is half that of normal sugar - meaning the sugar passes slowly into the blood and is therefore digestible for anyone who has a problem with sugar. Coconut blossom sugar brings structure to the pastries . Unlike stevia or maple syrup, it is very suitable for baking because it supports the shape of the pastry. It can be used 1:1 as a replacement for normal sugar.
Coconut blossom sugar emphasizes the aroma. For example, if you season E.g. meat or fish, shortly before serving, with the sugar, it brings the individual flavors of the respective food to perfection. It also gives fried dishes a subtle shine and rounds off any sauce in a tasty way .
Coconut blossom sugar is produced very gently compared to other types of sugar, meaning it is rich in nutrients and is therefore particularly popular in nutrition-conscious cuisine.

What ingredients does coconut blossom sugar have?

The exact composition of the sugar is certainly an exciting topic not only for chemists, because the analysis data proves how nutrient-rich coconut blossom sugar actually is. 100 g coconut blossom sugar contains:
    • 378.9 calories
    • 0.01g protein
    • 0.01g fat
    • 1.5 mg calcium
    • 0.2 mg magnesium
    • 0.2 mg potassium
    • 94.15 g sucrose
    • 1.55g glucose
    • 1.68g fructose
    • 2.52% moisture content

    What types of spice and sugar are available at Lotao?

    In addition to the coconut blossom sugar Lotao Java Kiss , Lotao also offers other types of sugar, such as: B. Lotao Maya Kiss, the fine agave sweetener for sprinkling or Lotao Rice Kiss , the mild crystalline variant for sweetening .
    If you would like to try sugar where it belongs, namely in the kitchen, we recommend the following trend recipe from Kristen from Veganz:

    Simple and wonderful: Pumpkin Spiced Latte 

    Pumpkin Spiced Latte


    • 2 tbsp pumpkin puree (e.g. from cooked Hokkaido pumpkin)
    • 3 tbsp Lotao Java Kiss
    • 1 pinch of cinnamon
    • 1 pinch of cardamom
    • 240 ml. soy milk
    • 2 espressos


    1. Mix pumpkin puree with Lotao Java Kiss coconut blossom sugar and spices, then pour in hot foamed soy milk.
    2. Pour a double espresso on top and enjoy hot! Perfect for the fall season!

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