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  • As part of the Lotao Deli product range, Risolier Stefan Fak is launching a new Indian basmati specialty
  • Glam Wedding Pink is one of the winners of the taste13 innovation award at this year's ANUGA in Cologne
Berlin, September 24, 2013. Lotao founder and Risolier Stefan Fak has tracked down traditional rice varieties and has so far only made these finds available to a select group of specialist delicatessen retailers. Now Lotao is bringing the high-quality rice specialties onto the market in a new version: The Lotao Deli product range includes four varieties in individually designed 300-gram cellophane bags and is now available in well-stocked retailers.
Four exciting varieties with a touch of Bollywood
In addition to the already well-known rice specialties Sparkling Volcano Terra, Wizard of Laos and Royal Pearl Black, the Lotao Deli range includes the new Glam Wedding Pink variety, a debut on the European market. The pink Indian basmati specialty is enriched with Chinese sea buckthorn, which develops its delicate acidity in the rice, and with oranges, which give it a fruity note.
“A friend from Vienna told me about the myth about the pink rice of lovers,” reports Stefan Fak. The rice with its deep pink grains arose from the dramatic, romantic love of an Indian maharaja’s son, who had actually already been promised to the daughter of another royal family and an Indian farm girl. The name Glam Wedding Pink is intended to be reminiscent of a colorful Bollywood wedding and associates happiness, fertility and joy of life. “Glam Wedding Pink turns every dish into a celebration,” enthuses the Risolier. “With its grainy, light structure, it transforms fish and meat dishes into glamorous meals and colorful wok vegetables into a magnificent dinner for lovers.”
The rice specialties from the Lotao Deli range cost 3.99 euros per 300-gram pack (recommended retail price). Upon request, Lotao can provide a ready-made sales display for the new product line. The display in black base color reflects the quality of the products with its elegant design and allows the colored rice varieties to stand out clearly.
For interview requests and to request product samples and additional image material, please contact the press office. For more information about Lotao Deli's specialties, visit www.lotao.com. Visit us at ANUGA in Cologne from October 5th to 9th. 2013 in Hall 10.2, Stand E047.
Myth about the origin of “Glam Wedding Pink”
“Akhil, one of the sons of Bimisara, was chosen to marry the daughter of the adversary. No matter how much Akhil pleaded, the mighty Maharaja would not be changed. The night before the wedding, Akhil sneaked away to the beautiful Ambar, whom he had loved for as long as he could remember. When the girl understood that there was no hope for her, she took Akhil's hand and led him to the rice fields by the river. There she picked a red and a blue flower. Together they scattered the petals into the wind and watched them fall on the rice plants. That night they slept by the river in a passionate embrace.
When they woke up the next morning, the petals were gone. But the rice panicles bore deep pink grains. Akhil picked a handful and brought it to his father. He said that the wind, the water and the earth created a testimony of his love for Ambar. This is stronger than his dynastic mission. Now the Maharaja's heart softened. He who had 500 wives bowed to the only love of his son. He organized a wedding feast for Akhil and Ambar, which lasted many days and was the most magnificent ever celebrated in India. The bride wore rice panicles with pink grains in her hair. It is said that the couple was blessed with many children.”
About the Risolier and Lotao
Stefan Fak is the first Risolier in Europe. He chose this name for himself because his knowledge of rice and his intensive engagement with the topic are more than just expert knowledge. The Risolier's knowledge and experiences with rice production and processing options go beyond the purely culinary - he also deals with the political, social and cultural aspects of rice and thus also with the importance of the grain for the world's population. Its goal is to contribute to the preservation of rare, forgotten Asian rice varieties and to spread and preserve associated traditional stories and myths. With the expert blog “der Risolier” he has also created a forum for the exchange of topics relating to the miracle grain of rice (www.risolier.de).
Since February 2011, the Austrian and Berliner Stefan Fak has been selling exquisite Asian rice varieties in the European delicatessen market under the Lotao label. By refining them with perfectors and elixirs, Lotao's rice specialties spark new culinary experiences. Perfectioners develop in the rice when added shortly before serving. The loose structure of the rice is retained and is refined by the bouquet of the spicy mixtures. Elixirs are rice oil-based compositions that give the finished rice a smooth consistency and a stimulating shine. They are enriched with selected notes and give the rice a fragrant fullness. ( www.lotao.com ).
Since October 2011, fine organic Javanese coconut blossom sugar variants have also enriched the Lotao range. In addition to the pure JAVA-KISS and the GINGER-KISS with its fresh spiciness, the palm sugar series was expanded in 2012 to include the ORIENTAL-KISS variant with mace, cardamom and cinnamon ( www.lotao.com ).
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