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Berlin, February 7, 2017. Lotao is presenting jackfruit as an alternative to meat at the Biofach in Nuremberg. Meaty texture and neutral taste, which combines well with spices, are the ideal prerequisites for a vegan meat substitute. The fact that the fruit is rich in potassium, vitamins C and A, magnesium, fiber and antioxidants makes it particularly valuable. Lotao introduces three flavors of organic jackfruit meat: Curry, Teryiaki and Pure. The superlative fruit from North India is packed in 250 gram bags. Good durability and the best product properties are guaranteed. The start of sales is planned for April 2017 in organic retailers, recommended retail price: EUR 3.99 per bag.

The green fruit from India brings true meat cravings not only to vegans, but also to people who want to limit their meat consumption. The jackfruit, the largest tree fruit on earth, is also a feast for the eyes. Appetizing green knobs sit on the approximately pear-shaped fruit, which can weigh up to 15 kilograms. If the ripe jackfruit is characterized by a “banana-pineapple” taste, in the unripe stage it is a sensational discovery for vegan cuisine. It is no coincidence that in Sri Lanka it was required that every family have two jackfruit trees. Given that a fully grown tree bears 2,000 kg of fruit, every resident was protected from starvation. Today, most of the harvest spoils because the fruits ripen very quickly and you can't keep up with the enjoyment. The ripe jackfruit can be processed into jelly, sweets, ice cream or pickles. Chips, jams or dried jackfruit pieces are also made.

Surprise at blind tasting

Back to the meaty side: Pan-fried pulp of unripe jackfruit has always been known in Asia. In this country it still has its triumphant advance ahead of it. The taste is reminiscent of tender chicken and the texture is reminiscent of pulled pork . A blind tasting in March 2016 produced a surprising result: Visitors to a steakhouse mistook a jackfruit hors d'oeuvre for a dish with tasty meat.
“We decided to create a commodity product from jackfruit,” says Stefan Fak, founder and owner of Lotao in Berlin: “It was important to us to offer a vegan delicacy that can be quickly fried in the pan the rice is steaming. “We cook it in twenty minutes for a tasty, valuable and, above all, responsible main dish,” says the Risolier.

Three flavor variants

Lotao presents the jackfruit preparation in three flavor variations:
Lotao Green Curry: Delicious curries come from the homeland of the Lotao Green Jackfruit, northern India. The sauce is spicy and creamy and the color is dark yellow. Goes great with Lotao Wizard of Laos.

Lotao Green Teryiaki: Sweet, full-bodied teriyaki gives the jackfruit a fine flavor. The flesh appears dark – almost like beef. Served on a Lotao Sparkling Volcano base, a deep flavor relationship unfolds.

Lotao Green Pure : This is where the fibrous jackfruit can express its character. Open to spice oils, garlic or just salt and pepper, Pure fires up your creativity. Served with Lotao Royal Pearl Black, the eye is also delighted.

At our stand 511 in Hall 9 at the Biofach in Nuremberg (February 15 - 18, 2017), Chef de Cuisine Alexander Schwartz from Sapori e Gusto will prepare fantastic jackfruit dishes such as jackfruit BBQ, jackfruit teriyaki or jackfruit Tex Mex for you ! Try these vegan delicacies from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

About Lotao

Lotao GmbH has been selling exquisite Asian rice specialties in the European delicatessen market since February 2011. In addition to the “Lotao Klassik” line, other product lines such as Lotao Deli and Betty’s Rice Kitchen have now been created. An essential part of the range are also fine Javanese coconut blossom sugar variants in organic quality: In addition to the pure JAVA KISS and the GINGER KISS with its fresh spiciness, the 2012 coconut blossom sugar series includes the ORIENTAL KISS variant with mace, cardamom and cinnamon and in 2015 TONCA KISS, with the aroma of Brazilian tonca beans, has been expanded. The KISS range also includes coconut butter and high-quality coconut oil. Under the Lotao Kaya label there are also three variants of spreads based on coconut oil, coconut blossom sugar and coconut milk in the range. With the three Lotao Twist breakfast perfectioners Red Berry, Choco-Coconut and Goji-Chia, Lotao is now also conquering the so-called super foods market from 2017. With jackfruit flesh, Lotao is conquering a new market segment. Other products such as Lotao Zen Pasta made from rice, salt specialties and legumes are available at www.lotao.com .

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