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The bells never sound sweeter... GLAM WEDDING PINK & ROYAL PEARL BLACK in the gourmet box: YIN & YANG meet each other for a Christmas duet
Berlin, August 13, 2014 Christmas enjoyment in a double pack from Lotao -
At Christmas time, LOTAO offers exquisite rice specialties in a set: The attractive YIN & YANG box contains two of the most popular rice varieties from the LOTAO range and inspiring recipe ideas. Glam Wedding Pink & Royal Pearl Black in the high-quality design box are also ideal as a gift for discerning connoisseurs and transform every dish into a feast.
The limited edition will be available from November 1st, 2014 at EDEKA, SPAR ÖSTERREICH or directly at http://www.lotao.com/shop/ . RRP is 7.99 euros for 2x300 grams.
Yin & Yang are two terms from Chinese philosophy that have long been used in Europe to describe pairs of opposites such as “female and male”, “soft and hard” or “weak and strong”.
In the Yin & Yang gourmet box from Lotao, Glam Wedding Pink , the pink rice of lovers represents happiness, love and the joy of life. It is associated with the Yin element and makes every dish something very special.
Royal Pearl Black, in turn, symbolizes power, strength and the Yang principle. This rare rice was once a forbidden rice - and, as we now know, the most protein-rich of all. Only rulers were allowed to enjoy this black rice.

The varieties at a glance

Glam Wedding Pink The pink rice of lovers turns every dish into a celebration. With its grainy, light structure, it transforms fish and meat dishes into glamorous dishes. Glam Wedding Pink is one of the winners of the taste 13 innovation award at the ANUGA in Cologne

Royal Pearl Black - The black rice of the mighty: the forbidden journey of numerous Chinese dynasties, one of the rarest and most protein-rich varieties in the world with 9.9 g of protein per 100 g of rice. Its aroma is strong and slightly nutty.

About Lotao and its founder Stefan Fak

LOTAO has been conquering the German-speaking food trade since February 2011 with unique Asian rice varieties. In addition to the aim of attracting rice to the center of the culinary experience, company founder and “Risolier” Stefan Fak is primarily concerned with preserving forgotten rice secrets and maintaining the variety of varieties. The Risolier (rice expert) publishes all sorts of information and tips about the miracle grain in his blog of the same name at www.risolier.com .
Further information can be found at www.lotao.com . If you have any questions or would like to receive sets or further background material, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Contact person YIN & YANG from Lotao Deli
Stefan Fak
Heinrich Roller Street 7
10405 Berlin
Email: stefan.fak@lotao.com

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