Lotao press release on the Curcuma Sun rice of the discoverers

Lotao introduces new rice variety: Curcuma Sun. The rice of the explorers Basmati rice specialty with a fine note of turmeric and a sunny color
Berlin, July 3, 2016, Stefan Fak, risolier and rice hunter, has tracked down a rice specialty whose origins are believed to be on the Silk Road. What is certain, however, is that the great explorer Marco Polo (1254-1324) brought its color and flavor element, turmeric, with him to Europe. Turmeric Sun. The explorers' rice consists of fluffy basmati rice enriched with the finest turmeric shavings. These not only give it its bright yellow and slightly bitter note but also make it particularly valuable as a food.
From now on, Curcuma is Sun. The Explorers' Rice (in 300 gram bags with black lotao bow) available at selected retailers.

The explorer as godfather

Sailing ships on the delicatessen shelf: The great Venetian explorer Marco Polo traveled the Silk Road to China and further to Southeast Asia, mentioned Japan for the first time and brought knowledge about Central Asia to Europe. He sailed through the South China Sea and the Sunda Sea towards his European homeland, arriving there after almost two decades and an estimated 24,000 kilometers. His travels through China were particularly extensive. Its ruler, the Great Khan, sent the educated European on a mission through his empire. Marco Polo got to know customs, places and dishes. Europe owes him pasta and ice cream, they say. But it also owes him to turmeric, the intensely yellow root with a long tradition as food, as a dye and as a medicine.

Sunny yellow and good

“In Asia, rice has always been enriched with spices – of course also with turmeric,” explains Stefan Fak, Risolier and founder of Lotao. “In addition to the taste of this rice specialty, I am fascinated by the idea that a world traveler like Marco Polo knew this combination.”
At that time, turmeric, the turmeric root, not only had aesthetic and taste value, but was also used as a medicinal plant - as was the case long before it in Ayurvedic medicine. It is now also proven in the Western world that turmeric promotes fat metabolism.

Full of character and substance

After the classics Royal Pearl Black, Sparkling Volcano Terra, Wizard of Laos, Indian Tiger Umbra, Oriental Sensation Smoked and the Bollywood star Glam Wedding Pink , Curcuma Sun is a colorful addition to the Lotao range.
Curcuma Sun can develop its character in vegetarian cuisine, for example with fried Asian vegetables. But it also plays a key role compared to fish or thinly sliced ​​grilled meat. If you want to take a rice day to do something good for your body, you can do well with Curcuma Sun : the ingredient turmeric has a satiating effect.

About Lotao

Stefan Fak, a Berliner from Austria, knows the rice fields of Asia like a librarian knows his books or a broker knows his stocks. Since 2011 he has been bringing forgotten rice varieties onto the European market under the brand name Lotao. He pays attention to fair origins and ecologically compatible growing conditions. “It’s always about the culture of a region, about how people live together and about the fact that we get something real and valuable with what we buy,” says Fak.
In addition to the “Lotao Deli” line, the Solriz and Betty’s Rice Kitchen product lines have now been created. Since October 2011, fine organic coconut specialties (Lotao Kiss) have also enriched the Lotao range. In addition to the high-quality coconut blossom sugar Tonca Kiss, the coconut spreads Kaya and Kaya Chocolate are new to the range. ( www.lotao.com ).

Curcuma - beautiful and strong like the sun: a legend tells

Even though Marco Polo - who was captured after his return - reported on his travels, more is buried than preserved.
What is certain, however, is that his life continues to fascinate us today and is therefore laden with myths.
The powerful Khan ruled in China. He liked Marco Polo. He sent the explorer to all directions of his empire to receive reports.
So Marco Polo set out on his journey. At the end of the Imperial Canal he reached Quinsai, the beauty of the South China Sea: he had experienced, marveled at and endured a lot. But this city moved his heart. The sun rose here before it set off - via China, India and Persia to its distant homeland of Europe. The market was near the Qiantang. Boats brought goods from all over the Khan's empire. Silk like he had never seen, baskets with all kinds of creatures - and the spices! The smells clouded his mind. Yazhen, Marco Polo's follower, gave the lord a root. It was small and resembled an old man's finger. He broke it in half and it revealed bright yellow. This root, curcuma, takes away all ailments of the stomach and bile, said Yazhen.
That same evening he cooked rice to which he added small pieces of the root. This was now yellow like the sun, but it tasted like saffron.
It is said that from then on Marco Polo never traveled without turmeric and brought it to Europe - turmeric, the sun from the earth."

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