Neue Reis-Ernte eingetroffen!

the new Lotao rice variety: Wizard from Loas

Summer has finally arrived not only in Europe, but also in Laos. And this means: harvest time! Wizard of Laos, the magical rice of the wizards , is a fair trade Laotian mountain rice that has just arrived freshly harvested. During cooking it changes color to a majestic purple.
The rice is a mixture of white long-grain rice, glutinous rice and a rare black rice . It is suitable for spicy dishes; cooked with coconut milk, it is particularly delicious with grilled fish. But I personally also like it as a sweet version ;)
A pinch each of cardamom, chili and sweet paprika, the spice mixture that goes with the rice - Asian flair for the rice specialty. Have you already cooked with this aromatic rice? Or have you had any experience with it? I am excited....

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