Das Koan des Risoliers

Lotaos Risolier tells about the koan

The path to Risolier is not always easy because it is neither predetermined nor ever ends. Again and again you find yourself at an intersection with a big question mark on your face: Which turn should I take - what is the right direction? But you are not alone and can ask for expert advice in particularly treacherous places.
Questioning plays an important role in Zen Buddhism : When the time comes, the Zen master gives his student a koan. A koan is a question that no one can answer. After years of struggle, the student will tell the master his solution. However, this is illogical, like the koan itself. However, everyone who has experienced this process reports that they have been changed by searching for the meaning of the koan. Something happened. Thinking about the koan made sense.
Why am I describing this in so much detail here? Because the following koan was given to me to navigate the winding Risoliers road. Since then, I have been brooding over it in my luggage and have been taking one step after the other... A monk asked Joshu in all seriousness: "I have just entered this monastery. I ask you, Master, to please give me instructions!". Joshu asked, "Have you eaten your congee yet?" The monk replied, "Yes, I have." Joshu said, “Then wash your rice husks.” Then the monk achieved a certain enlightenment.

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