Das neue Jackfruit Gulasch von Lotao

Jackfruit goulash - the new Lotao product

Jackfruit and goulash?
Does that actually fit together?
Goulash is a typical Austro-Hungarian dish that is cooked with meat and onions until a creamy, spicy juice is created. Preparing this classic vegetarian dish with jackfruit pieces is an exciting undertaking, because a large part of the typical goulash taste comes from the meat. Do you even need that? A clear YES! However, if you want to avoid meat or follow a vegan or vegetarian diet, jackfruit goulash makes perfect sense as a “vegetable” alternative . The structure and appearance of the jackfruit pieces are surprisingly reminiscent of meat, and their fibrous texture allows them to absorb sauce and spices optimally.

Lotao organic jackfruit goulash

The new jackfruit goulash from Lotao is not only vegetarian, but above all delicious : it is prepared with organic fried onions and fine tomato pieces that cook for a very long time - creating a spicy and aromatic sauce.
What's particularly clever is the use of rice sweetener, which acts as a binding agent but also gives the goulash a slightly sweet note. With bread, rice or potatoes as a side dish, the Lotao Jackfruit Goulash is a complete meal for two people. But the goulash can also be combined excellently with red cabbage, steamed carrots or other fine vegetables.

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  • Ursula Leitner

    Möchte gerne das Gulasch bestellen – leider finde ich es im Shop nicht – warum????
    Hatte einmal eine Probe davon und es war herrlich! Bitte um Nachricht, wie ich dazu komme ….
    Danke und besten Gruß aus Wien – Ursula

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