Der erste Risolier

Risolier and rice

Many people underestimate the value of rice. As Risolier, I take my hat off to the little grain that has a lot to say.
For me , rice is like a little child sitting silently at the table. It watches people with wide eyes. The women who praise their cooking skills. The men who loudly brag about their businesses. The child listens in silence and everyone at the table thinks he has nothing to say. Everyone thinks their own verbiage is more important. Then I take the child's hand. I sit at his side and look at it. It becomes quiet around us and suddenly the spell is lifted and the child opens his heart. An endless wealth of impressions, experiences and stories flows over me. I realize with joy that the child has opened my eyes with his unadulterated vision. Life is rich. A risolier is more than an “expert in rice and rice products”. A Risolier goes through life with open ears. He opens his heart to people who care about rice. He is a searcher for rare rice varieties and wants to gather knowledge about their cultural and historical significance. The Risolier puts the little grain of rice in the spotlight so that it finally gets the leading role that it deserves...

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