Der Kuchen aus Reis

Organic rice tasting Lotaos is a complete success!

Yesterday the first rice tasting took place at an organic delicatessen shop in Berlin . The people who came were thrilled by the variety and the splendor of the colors as well as the aromas of the rice varieties. But they also challenged me with their questions and encouraged me to research even more and to follow the traces of the rice varieties and their stories.
And then the incredible happened: around 4 p.m. the shelves were empty and Lotao rice was sold out. The first rice tasting - a complete success. It is now Sunday evening and the many conversations from yesterday are still having an impact on me. And I think of a story that a very important woman gave me:

The rice cake:

"After the tasting..."

In ancient times, two old people lived in a small house, a man and his wife. There was nothing they liked more than rice cakes. One day the woman made a rice cake so big that they couldn't eat it all in one sitting. a piece remained. Then they said, "Whoever doesn't say a single word all day today will have the rice cake in the evening." But now, as darkness fell, a robber entered the house and began to stuff whatever he liked into a sack. The man saw it, the woman saw it. But neither of them said a word because both wanted to get the rest of the rice cake. This made the thief even bolder and he stuffed his sack full of loot. It wasn't until he opened the pantry and took out the bowl with the leftover rice cake that the woman couldn't take it any longer. She shouted loudly: "But don't take the rice cake with you, it's for me!" "Oh no!" the man now shouted. "For me it is, because you said something!". And what did the robber do? He laughed crookedly and crookedly. And gave everything back to the two of them - only the leftover rice cake, which he took with him. I dedicate this little story to all those who experienced a bit of "The forgotten secret" at yesterday's rice tasting, but also to those who would like to find out more about the small grain in the future.

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