Die fünf besten Tipps für den vegan Sommer 2022

five tips for the perfect vegan summer!

Temperatures are skyrocketing, the sun is shining, the trees are starting to sprout and the vacation is planned. If you want to avoid meat in the warm season or want to reduce your meat consumption, you will find some inspiration here. Because we have summarized the five best tips for a hot vegan summer 2022 here:

1. Think globally, act locally

If you're in the mood for vegan, international, summery food, it's very trendy: send yourself and your guests on a culinary journey and let yourself be inspired by vegan dishes from different travel countries! A short trip to Italy can start with a vegan antipasti selection, for example with a Caponata siciliana. All you need is chopped, fried eggplant and seasonal vegetables, which are complemented with olive oil, tomato sauce, celery, olives and capers and an agrodolce sauce. The caponata tastes simply great and the guests will be amazed.

2. Sustainable, healthy food in the “Zero Waste Summer”

2022 is the summer for the vegourmets! Trendsetters combine vegetables fresh from the market or from organic farmers with ingredients that are packaged as little as possible. In order to maintain the health of our planet, it is now called “Zero Waste”. Our Vegourmet tip: The Lotao Veggie Hack offers the perfect base for burgers, cevapici or meatballs. It is produced in a climate-neutral manner, is rich in protein, free of flavors, organic and of course purely plant-based. The best thing about it: the Veggie Hack 1kg large pack is enough for the whole summer and is therefore almost “zero waste”!

3. True grill masters rely on vegan

You can have a delicious and easy vegan barbecue at home. Vegan burgers with fresh grilled vegetables are particularly trendy. Our tip: The jackfruit rice burgers from Lotao. With the new organic patties you can not only create burgers, but also summer rolls, wraps or salads with small patty mock meats. A suitable side dish is grilled vegetable foccacias. To do this, top the focaccia dough with vegetables and herbs and let the dough bake on the grill until crispy. Add a guacamole dip or a salty-herb seasoned olive tapenade - and the delicious and vegan grilled dish is ready!

4. Use plant-based cheese & mayo

If you don't want to do without fries and mayonnaise with your burger, you don't necessarily need the classic mayo tube. It can also be done plant-based. The mayonnaise can also be made without eggs: you mix mustard, soy milk, salt, pepper and sugar. Then add vegetable oil little by little until the desired consistency is reached. With the addition of capers, tarragon and cornichons, the mayo becomes a delicious vegan tartar sauce.

5. Superbowl: Pimp my Salad!

Of course, no one wants to go without salad in the summer! Even in the hottest weather, the following applies to the green evergreen: light, healthy and delicious! Especially now that everything is blooming and sprouting, you can find many local natural products such as nettles, wild garlic or on the side of the road, which enrich the classic salad. Healthy wild herbs for spring and summer salads grow almost everywhere. If you want to perfect the Super Bowl of summer 2022, add protein-rich legumes to the power salad. With these five tips, the plant-based summer for vegetarians can be implemented quickly and easily! Try it! It's delicious and a lot of fun!


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