Die Wertschöpfungskette von Lotao: Eine Herzensangelegenheit

Lotao's value chain: A matter of the heart

Lotao stands for uniqueness, for quality, for aesthetics . But there is much more behind the Lotao brand - today I would like to shed light on a topic that is particularly close to my heart.

Social sustainability begins in the country of origin:

Nowadays we come across the keywords “social”, “ecological” and “sustainable” more and more often in a wide variety of contexts. But what does “socially and ecologically sustainable” actually mean? For me, this means above all taking responsibility for others . A core part of Lotao is to create social added value for our society, by people for people, in addition to producing high-quality food .
This already starts in Asia : This is where most Lotao products come from and are lovingly selected by me in cooperation with the small farmers there. Behind every Lotao product there are families in the respective countries who make their living from the proceeds. The products are fairly traded, which means that the farmers can largely determine the prices themselves. This is the only reason why it is possible to grow the products organically: Since organic or ecological production usually involves higher costs and greater effort, such cultivation would hardly be feasible for small farmers under the prevailing wage conditions. By paying small farmers fairly, it is possible to have Lotao produce food without genetic engineering, chemicals or mass production - which for me is what constitutes ecological sustainability.

Inclusion and cohesion: The LPP:

For me, social responsibility also means continuing the Lotao value chain in Germany : Since the beginning of Lotao's existence, all products have been packaged by people with disabilities in the “Mosaik” workshop in Berlin-Spandau.
With the founding of Lotao Pack- und Produktions GmbH in Ludwigslust (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania) in 2015, a new chapter opened: From this point on, Lotao had its own production facility. In addition to the respectful handling of high-quality goods, I also focus on continuing the chain of appreciation. That's why a Lewitzwerkstätten GmbH workshop group is integrated into daily operations.
Lewitz GmbH is a social enterprise that focuses on working with people with disabilities. But anyone who thinks that people with disabilities only carry out smaller tasks on the sidelines is mistaken: from semi-automatic filling to manual labeling - the workshop team and the LPP employees always work closely and intensively together in all areas. Every single employee takes part in the development and shaping of the company with great personal commitment, regardless of whether they have a disability or not. While the LPP was initially primarily responsible for the filling and packaging of Lotao products, word quickly spread about the great work and social concept of the facility and its employees:
Today, in addition to producing for Lotao, LPP is active as a packaging and bottling service provider for various large drugstore and supermarket chains in the organic food sector. From raw material procurement to logistics, it provides a wide range of services for its customers.

People are my motivation:

While of course the food sold and its quality are of essential importance for all Lotao GmbH employees, ultimately it is the people behind the products that motivate me . Your stories drive Lotao and the entire team every day to do our work as well as possible. Because the better Lotao gets, the greater the positive impact on every single member in the value chain. For me, this is what constitutes social sustainability and I am convinced that you can taste this positive energy in every single Lotao product.

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