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A donation that takes root

Lotao's commitment to environmental protection

At Lotao, we have always been committed to not only offering high quality products, but also to making a positive impact on our environment. In this spirit, we have decided to dedicate part of our sales to a special purpose during this year's Green Week - our sustainable answer to Black Week: the preservation and care of orchards in Brandenburg.

Our contribution to sustainability

During our Green Week we donated 5% of our sales to the association "Äpfel und Konsorten - Streuobstwiesen und -äcker eV" . This decision was easy for us because we know how important it is to protect and promote local biodiversity and traditional cultural landscapes. Thanks to your support when shopping in our shop, we were able to collect a donation of €501.92. This amount was handed over personally by our e-commerce manager Katrin at one of the association's picturesque locations in Brandenburg.

Handing over the donation check

An insight into “apples and the like”

The association, which has been active since 2012, is passionate about preserving orchards. With their projects, they make a significant contribution to protecting biodiversity and climate protection. In the meadow that Katrin visited there are over 500 young trees alone, including apples, pears, cherries and plums. What is particularly impressive is the diversity of over 60 different apple varieties, which are professionally and voluntarily cared for in the three tree nurseries at this location.

These trees are fundamentally different from those in conventional orchards. They are larger, have a strong trunk and only develop fruit after 5-10 years. This slow development means that the trees can live up to 100 years - a truly sustainable concept!

Explanation of the orchard

In addition, the association offers various options for support, such as taking on a tree sponsorship , providing space, general donations or membership in the association. Those interested can also actively participate in planting and care campaigns . The association also organizes nationwide conferences, educational offerings and operates a central orchard portal.

Shaping the future together

Our donation to “Apfel and Co” is a small step in the right direction, but an important one. It shows how we can achieve great things together. You, as part of our community, play a crucial role in this mission. Every purchase, every decision for sustainable products, every support for such initiatives counts. We thank you for your support and commitment, which makes such actions possible.

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