Gastbeitrag: Die Produktion von Lotao

Report on the production of Lotao

Have you ever wondered where and how Lotao products are made? I got an idea live on site and am happy to tell you a little about the background of our production facility in Ludwigslust.

LPP – Lotao Pack and Production GmbH (LPP):

I, Devran Hartmann, am a trainee at Lotao GmbH. During my visit to the LPP, I slipped into the role of a journalist for a day and interviewed employees, attended hygiene training courses, helped out in shipping and supported production. These impressions and experiences were very interesting and valuable. Not only for my future path at Lotao, but also personally.

Quality has its price:

The employees in Ludwigslust are aware of the responsible task they are taking on there. Being in contact with food all day long while working means being hygienic and clean! Therefore, the employees of the production facility must complete regular training and courses. Through her internal quality manager, Ricarda Wilde, who knows the product range inside out, she explains the regulations to the production team.

The production:

The extensive tasks in the LPP production hall are always a new and demanding challenge. This is precisely why we need a committed and motivated team. The team consists of 8 permanent employees and a 15-person Lewitzer team, a cooperating workshop for the disabled. Would you have guessed that this team is only so small? With nimble and skilful moves, production is in full swing here. And with great joy! To get an even deeper impression, I interviewed the production manager, Jessica Erichsen. At the beginning I asked her what she liked most about this job. Ms. Erichsen then replied with great passion: “I like the constant variety of encountering new tasks and challenges every day.” She also said that she particularly liked the great responsibility here. Working with the Lewitz team that you have to take care of. What she specifically likes about LPP is the very open and personal interaction with each other.

Shipping – rice travels:

Another equally important area of ​​responsibility for LPP is the shipping department. Sending goods, accompanying and registering transports…… etc. These and other tasks are coordinated and carried out under the direction of Daniel Siegmund. After a short survey, it turned out that he also enjoyed the familiar and familiar collaboration at LPP. What defines his job is the direct contact with the shipping service providers and the associated tasks in the shipping area of ​​all kinds.

The Lewitz Group:

The collaboration with the Lewitz workshops is something very special about LPP. It creates a very lively atmosphere in the Ludwigslust production halls. Detlef Neupauer is the supervisor of this group. It accompanies people through their everyday working lives. From early to late. During the breaks, for example, games are played or music is played with a guitar. At the end of the day we clean up together and do kitchen duty. Detlef Neupauer told me that his job constantly offers/enables him new challenges. A varied combination of tackling and supporting. There are always new situations that he would come across and no two days are the same. The development of the company (which is just starting out) and that of the group should be what makes the production facility special for him. He said he liked that best. After everyone told me that good, collegial cooperation was a given in this company, I understood why Ludwigslust is more than just a production factory.

Conclusion of the whole thing :

Small but nice – that’s how I would describe the production facility in Ludwigslust. The employees are more than just work colleagues. This family relationship ensures a pleasant working atmosphere, which was positively noticeable by all employees. - Devran Hartmann, trainee marketing communications manager

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