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Rice - the little miracle grain

February 6, 2010: I'm sitting at the airport in Saigon. My feet hurt and are sore after a motorcycle accident on the Vietnamese island of Pho Quoc. Thoughts are swirling in my head, but this is not a consequence of the accident. Rather, it is the new idea that was born on my trip to Asia: I discovered rice for myself, realized that this plant is completely undervalued in Europe and I am determined to share this discovery with other people.

My last evening in Vietnam. I'm sitting on the beach and suddenly the sea washes up on this bowl of rice. It is undamaged and lies before me like a sign. The sea whispers: "Believe in your path!"

A year later: I have the feeling that in the last 12 months I have completed a course focusing on nutritional science, law, marketing, agricultural economics and foreign trade. Many of the subjects were added as a surprise and many of the “teaching units” were not really pleasant. I could never have imagined the obstacles one would face if one wanted to enter the food industry. And I never expected how exciting the topic of rice could actually be. I would like to share my experiences – both past and future – with you in this blog. This will be a blog that puts a lot of spotlight on the little grain of rice that puts a supporting actor in the spotlight. A blog that goes beyond industrial interests, written from the perspective of someone whose vision is becoming reality. This blog launches at the same time as the Lotao brand. And that is no coincidence. Because by starting Lotao, I allowed myself to give myself a personal “study degree” - the title “Risolier”. You're probably wondering what I mean by that. What is a risolier? At the beginning I was curious to see what associations this term would trigger. My colleague Caro asked around on the street and asked - mostly helpless - passers-by about it. We'll show you the results over the next few weeks and there are really very imaginative explanations. In any case, I don't want to withhold the official definition that we have developed from you at this point.
The Risolier (female form: Risolière ) is a specialist in rice and rice products. He works in specialty rice stores, rice producing companies and fine dining restaurants. He supports customers and guests in their search for the right type of rice for every dish and range. He combines his broad knowledge of rice production and processing options with the symbolic nature of the rice grain and its importance for the world population. The term “Riisolier” was introduced by Stefan Fak in 2009. There are currently no training courses for Risolier. In the future, these will be offered through the member club of the rice company “Lotao” and will be managed by Stefan Fak together with other Risoliers. From now on I would like to give you insights into the life of a Risolier on this blog and accept the exciting challenge of sharing my experiences with you. I would be particularly interested in your thoughts on the subject of rice, and I am already looking forward to learning more about your rice experiences.

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