Lotao Rezept-Wettbewerb 2012

Lotao Recipe Contest 2012

This year we appeal to your passion for cooking again!
Our Lotao recipe competition 101 recipes invites you from October 1st, 2012 to January 31st, 2013 to send us your creations made from and with Lotao products and, with luck and sophistication, cook up a great prize! If you can convince our expert jury of your personal recipe, you will be particularly rewarded this time: Our partner ASIA SPECIAL TOURS has developed an individual itinerary across Indonesia with stopovers in Java and Bali, among others, especially for the winner - Indonesia Pure , in a luxury version with travel companion and chauffeur! All conditions of participation and information about our competition can be found on the Lotao website in the 101 recipes section! We look forward to your recipe suggestions! PS: To increase the anticipation of your trip, I have put together the first six days of the winning trip for you here...


The journey will begin in Yogyakarta, where your personal chauffeur will be waiting for you at the airport. The rest of the day is up to you; after a few hours of flight, a short recovery phase is definitely necessary ;-)


After a delicious breakfast, start the second day with a 2½-hour drive to the volcanic Dieng Plateau, called the “Home of the Gods”, located at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level. Here you will explore the Dieng Crater and Kawah Sikidang and visit the oldest Hindu temple in Java:

Impressive view of the Dieng Plateau


To see Borobudur at sunrise, leave very early on the third day. You explore the huge temple complex, which is one of the largest Buddhist complexes in the world. The temple consists of thousands of volcanic rocks and river stone blocks and was built entirely by human hands over more than 75 years. After the early morning tour, return to your hotel for breakfast.

It is not without reason that the village of Tuksongo is considered particularly worth seeing...

Afterwards, a journey begins to the villages located at the Borobudur Temple. You drive along the rice fields that are located directly on the village roads and can get a first look at the origin of some Lotao rice specialties. For once, a culinary highlight here is not rice: the picturesque village of Tuksongo is known for its glass noodles and cycad flour production, which you can enjoy over lunch in a local restaurant in the middle of the rice fields.


After a hearty breakfast, check out of your hotel on day four and travel with your private chauffeur to the cooler climes of Kaliurang Village, located 900m above sea level, for unobstructed views of Mount Merapi. Your lunch will be served at a local restaurant before visiting Ullen Sentalu, a privately run local museum. In the afternoon you will explore the ancient Hindu temple in the highlands, just 17 km from Yogyakarta:

One of the 8 main buildings of the Hindu temple - a 50 meter high work of art from the 9th century


On the morning of the fifth day you will be transferred to Yogyakarta Airport. From there you fly on to Denpasar. Welcome to Bali! Once there, you will be warmly welcomed by your local tour guide and taken to your hotel. After checking in, you will have time to relax a bit. A visit to a traditional dance performance is a must when visiting Bali, so you will attend a dance performance in a local village near Ubud. Afterwards, enjoy a Balinese menu in Ubud – what a culinary experience!


After a delicious breakfast, you will visit the second largest temple complex in Bali, the Pura Taman Ayun. You will then drive to the village of Tunjuk, where you will learn more about the everyday life of Bali's rural population.

Green as far as the eye can see...a true oasis of relaxation!

Once you arrive in the village, you will meet your Balinese host family who will teach you how to make palm fronds, which are often used in ceremonies. Find out more about the “Subak” method, rice field irrigation , thanks to which rice can be grown in a particularly sustainable and ecologically sensible way. You visit a small coconut plantation and watch as the workers climb trees and pick young coconuts. To recover from all the impressions, you will be served a Balinese lunch at a local restaurant. Whether there is fresh palm blossom sugar ?

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