Jackfruit Gulasch: Zutaten und Herstellung

Lotaos jackfruit goulash: ingredients and production

With the new jackfruit goulash from Lotao, the classic stew is now also available in a new vegan version .
In any case, the innovative newcomer doesn't have to hide - in terms of taste, it can easily keep up with the meaty original. The key to Lotao goulash happiness is once again the jackfruit, which has been on the road to success this year as a natural meat substitute.
I have already presented the goulash elsewhere, so I would like to go into the topic of production in more detail here: When making the Lotao jackfruit goulash, the jackfruit is cooked together with fine fried onions and tomatoes over a low flame for several hours. Thanks to a sophisticated blend of spices, including fine organic rose pepper, marjoram and lotus rice, the sweetness has an aromatic depth and appears round and perfectly balanced overall. If you want to try the new Lotao Green jackfruit goulash, you can easily prepare it in just a few minutes: The finished "jackfruit goulash" mixture is simply heated in a pan or in a water bath , and the delicious dish is ready. Ideal of course with fresh baguette, red rice or potatoes.

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