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Lotao celebrates three years! - philosophical reflection

Young, dynamic and successful – this is how Germany's young entrepreneurs are seen and celebrated. Start-up consultants, business angels and investors buzz around start-up fairs, entrepreneurship award ceremonies and crowd funding platforms to identify the best high potentials. An entire industry is aimed at willing visionaries who, full of enthusiasm and inner conviction, have dedicated their working lives to realizing their own business idea.

How much money is burned in the hunt for the German Zuckerberg and how many institutions make a very good living from the subsidized start-up industry without ever having founded anything or even beginning to understand the start-up process would probably be the scope of this blog entry bust. However, it would definitely not be a luxury to rethink the funding system and the structure of the entrepreneurial industry - in the interests of the founders, private investors and German taxpayers. But what have these thoughts lost in a small rice blog? The answer is provided by my always helpful and loyal bank, which supported the founding of the Lotao company in every way possible. A small congratulations card fluttered into the house - Lotao turned three in October and, according to the bank, had therefore crossed the critical threshold and was no longer a “young company”. Lotao celebrated his birthday quietly and quietly, and hardly anyone noticed - except the bank, which has now officially declared us of age and sees this as a sign of success. When asked the popular question “How are you doing professionally”, I can now point with pride to the bank’s accolades – in addition to start-up awards, increasing sales figures and positive press articles, another indication of how successful Lotao is running. Isn't that wonderful? But in all the quiet hustle and bustle, my thoughts begin to wander and I consider what surprises business life could still have in store. Soon, at this point, I will deal with it in more detail...

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