Vegetarisch gesund leben: Jackfruit anstatt Fleisch

Vegetarian and healthy: jackfruit instead of meat

It is already much more than a trend: living a vegetarian life, i.e. avoiding meat, has become an important part of today's society and it is hard to imagine life without it. But vegan life, i.e. consuming without any animal additives, is also becoming increasingly popular.
There are often ethical reasons behind these movements, but the meatless lifestyle is also supposed to be more digestible for the body.
There is now hardly anything animal for which a vegan alternative has not yet been found . As a result of this development, jackfruit is now becoming more and more relevant in Europe:
A tree fruit that is already widespread and well-known in its native Asia. But what are the benefits of avoiding animal meat - and is jackfruit a worthy substitute?

The consequences of meat consumption:

First of all, it must be noted: low to moderate meat consumption is certainly harmless . Even in their origins, people were hunters and gatherers who ate a mixed diet. Meat also contains valuable nutrients for humans, such as proteins and iron .
Over time, however, the disadvantages of society 's excessive meat consumption on our bodies became more and more obvious: those who eat a lot of meat - especially red meat - increase their risk of heart disease; If you have problems with your joints, pork is said to be pure poison, as it can have an inflammatory effect. Not to be forgotten are the headlines that the high levels of antibiotics in meat regularly cause these days. So, not only out of consideration for the animals suffering in factory farms, but also out of consideration for our own bodies, the question arises as to whether eating meat is actually necessary.

Tofu: Better than meat?

As a consequence of the increasingly well-known health risks of meat, various meat alternatives have become more and more prominent over the last two decades: tofu has made a name for itself as the number 1 substitute product - although not entirely without controversy.
The production of soy is considered to be harmful to the environment and is viewed critically by many consumers with regard to its sustainability - scandals about strong genetic modification in soy production are also known to almost everyone. In addition, the consumption of soy is suspected of having a negative impact on thyroid diseases, which are becoming increasingly widespread in the population.

Gentle alternative: The jackfruit is on the rise

This is where the jackfruit comes into play: at first glance, the giant fruit has almost exclusively positive properties, in contrast to meat and soy. The fruit is not only rich in magnesium and vitamins A and C, but also contains a lot of fiber , which is essential for proper digestion. Even iron can be found in jackfruit - a vital trace element that is also present in meat. As a fruit, jackfruit also contains many valuable plant nutrients such as lignans, isoflavones and saponins .
Although jackfruit cannot compete with the high protein content of soy, proteins can be absorbed just as easily through dairy products on a meat-free diet and through legumes and vegetables on a vegan diet . Last but not least, jackfruit flesh is rich in the electrolyte potassium, which, according to the WHO, can reduce the risk of a stroke.
Compared to meat and soy , the production of jackfruit is also significantly more sustainable: Since a jackfruit tree is extremely productive with up to 2-3 tons (!) of fruit per year and is also very heat and disease resistant, the fruit is not produced in huge monocultures .
The Lotao Jackfruit Green is harvested in the backyards of small farmers from a village cooperation whose trees have been there for many years. The jackfruit is not only an ideal meat substitute because of its external and taste properties, but also stands out as a positive alternative to animal meat due to its many valuable ingredients and sustainability aspect.

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