Zart duftend: Der neue Bio-Basmati Reis von Lotao

the new organic basmati rice from Lotao

Panic purchases and export stops have hit food retailers hard in the wake of the Corona crisis, particularly in the area of ​​dry goods such as pasta and rice .
Lotao recognized the need and expanded the range within a very short time in order to counteract the shortage of stocks in stores.

Practically overnight , two new rice varieties were launched on the market – a “white” basmati and a “whole grain” basmati .
Even if that sounds unspectacular and simple, you wouldn't believe how complex it is to bring a new food onto the market in a situation as special as the one we are currently experiencing.
However, since the entire Lotao team was aware of the urgency of these new products, the new Lotao rice is now already available on the shelves as part of the Lotao Deli range.
With the two varieties of basmati “white” and “whole grain”, Lotao brings two particularly popular rice classics to the table - because basmati rice, grown at the foot of the Himalayan mountains, is something very special. With the new varieties, Lotao ensures that lovers of good organic food receive their basmati rice in the usual high quality at a comparatively affordable price .
The delicately fragrant Basmati “White” is particularly suitable for oriental and Asian cuisine and is suitable as a side dish for hearty dishes and as an ingredient in Indian curries or rice pans.
The Lotao Deli “whole grain” basmati rice has an unmistakable taste - a long grain rice from Pakistan that is grown according to strict organic guidelines and is 100% pure and rich in valuable nutrients . The slightly earthy aroma with a whole grain taste goes perfectly with all fish, meat and vegetable dishes.
Both types of rice are now available in all Denn's stores throughout Germany as well as in selected Edeka and organic stores as well as in the Lotao online shop .

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