Ingwer wird Heilpflanze des Jahres 2018

Ginger is the medicinal plant of the year 2018

Ginger has been used medicinally in its native Asia for thousands of years. It has an anti-inflammatory effect, relieves cramps and is a pain reliever . In medieval Europe, Hildegard of Bingen and Paracelsus knew and used it for gastrointestinal complaints. Modern studies confirm this application.
Ginger has now been named medicinal plant of the year . Ginger has also long had a special meaning at Lotao. One of the first creations in the Lotao Coconut series was "Ginger Kiss" : the ginger-lime sugar combined the fine caramel note of Indonesian palm blossom sugar with the warming spiciness of tropical lemon ginger .
But dishes and drinks can also be sweetened with Lotao Java Kiss coconut blossom sugar , which is harvested and produced under controlled organic conditions . Java Kiss is particularly suitable for cocktails or spicy dishes, as well as for salad dressings - topped with fresh ginger: a pleasure! In the cold season, a hot lemon-ginger lemonade with Java Kiss should always be ready - because the sweet, slightly spicy drink is not only warming and healthy, but also particularly delicious.
PS: The NHV Theophrastus association is committed to spreading naturopathic ideas among young and old and has now named the ginger tuber as the medicinal plant of the year.

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