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LOTAO expands its range to include Fleur de Sel from Balinese salt pans

Berlin, February 2013. LOTAO managing director Stefan Fak was actually shopping for rice and coconut blossom sugar on his trip to Indonesia last fall - but the Risolier couldn't just pass by the pure white, hand-scooped salt from the salt that he discovered on a trip to Bali. The Berliner by choice calls BALI PUR the fine souvenir from the island. The Fleur de Sel is now available as the first Balinese salt specialty in selected delicatessen and organic stores and via the LOTAO online shop. The salt flowers are packaged in a high-quality 150 gram membrane can and are available for purchase at a price of 7.90 (RRP) per can.

Crystalline art objects that melt in your mouth

On hot, windy summer days, a wafer-thin, fragile salt crust forms on the surface of the saline water, which is rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The salinero scoops the salt flowers by hand with the greatest care and dries them in the black sand under the Bali sun. The small, glittering salt leaves with their exceptionally delicate crystal texture melt like snow on the tongue and impress with their balanced, very mild mineral bouquet.

Exotic spice and cleansing effect

“The delicate spice of the Indian Ocean paired with the taste of wind and sun gives the Balinese Fleur de Sel its own aroma and offers a welcome addition to gourmet cuisine,” enthuses Stefan Fak. The Balinese Fleur de Sel plays a role in Indonesian ceremonies and cleansing rituals decisive role. The salt flowers traditionally have religious and cleansing powers for the residents of the island of Bali. The complex crystal structure of this salt, the clear color and the high mineral content make Bali Pur an exceptionally elegant finishing salt.
Elegant finishing and versatile uses
The noble gourmet salt goes well with every dish. It is particularly suitable as a finishing touch on salads, fish, meat or vegetables. The salt should not be cooked, but added to the dishes after cooking.

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