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Press release for ANUGA 2015 +++ Visit us in Hall 10.2 Stand E 47

At ANUGA 2015, the Berlin company is presenting fine specialties and innovations relating to rice and coconut in organic quality.
Berlin, September 17, 2015. It has been five years since Stefan Fak and his company Lotao revolutionized the European rice market and helped forgotten rice varieties from Asia gain new fame. Initially, the young entrepreneur only concentrated on the German-speaking delicatessen segment, but later he also conquered the food retail and organic markets in Europe. “It was five exciting years,” says Stefan Fak, founder and owner of Lotao GmbH. “Thanks to a great team and numerous supporters, we were able to overcome the hurdles of the food industry and – especially in the area of ​​quality management – ​​grow from our experience,” says the Austrian native happily.

Into a new era with premieres, trade fair highlights and surprises

At ANUGA 2015, in addition to the new deli organic rice varieties Indian Tiger Umbra and Oriental Sensation Smoked, Lotao is presenting a variant of the popular coconut blossom sugar Lotao Kiss: Tonca Kiss is delicate coconut blossom melt, combined with the exotic aroma of tonka beans and the fine taste of organic vanilla from Madagascar. The coconut spread Kaya is also celebrating its premiere in Cologne. The vegan coconut jam made from coconut blossom sugar, coconut oil and milk is unique in this form on the German-speaking market. Another trade fair highlight is the vegan rice pasta duo Lotao Zen . In terms of taste and consistency, the fusilli or penne versions are surprisingly close to conventional durum wheat pasta. There is also another highlight waiting for visitors to the ANUGA Lotao stand, as they will experience the development of a completely new product line.

Lotao Deli's new arrivals

As soon as it is prepared, the long-grain Oriental Sensation Smoked basmati rice develops its delicious smell of beech wood. The ritual in the smoke lasts several hours because this is the only way the spicy bouquet combines with the rice aroma to create a surprising taste experience. The exotic basmati rice is the only traditional smoked rice in organic quality and has been part of the Lotao Deli product line since April 2015.
The second new addition to the Lotao Deli range comes from the Navdanya Foundation's Indian rice farmers' cooperative. Indian Tiger Umbra is the name of the strong, grainy red rice, which is also certified organic. Vandana Shiva, the founder of the foundation, is committed worldwide to combating the genetic modification of seeds and to preserving traditional rice varieties.

Coconut blossom sugar for advanced users: tonka beans plus Madagascar vanilla

The aroma of the Brazilian tonka bean contains noble notes of rum, hay flowers and bitter almonds as well as tart, elegant nuances such as nutmeg and cinnamon. Paired with the delicate organic vanilla from Madagascar, it creates a tropically lovely taste that complements the velvety, caramel character of the coconut blossom sugar. Tonca Kiss is an exciting addition to the Java Kiss, Ginger Kiss and Oriental Kiss variants. It goes perfectly with fruits, ice creams or desserts and is suitable as a finisher for soups or sauces in savory cuisine.

Kaya Coconut Jam makes anyone with a sweet tooth beat faster - also vegan

Spreads based on coconut milk and coconut blossom sugar are a traditional specialty in many regions of Asia. By the way, “Kaya” means something like “rich” in Malaysia. The different variations of the popular bread and fruit spread are also extensive. In contrast to the classic Asian Kaya variant, Lotao Kaya-Coconut-Jam does not contain any chicken eggs but only vegan, organically certified ingredients and is particularly suitable as a sweet spread, for filling baked goods, for sauces, salad marinades or soups, and thus rounds off every meal aromatically away. Expressly recommended for pure enjoyment - a novelty on the German-speaking market.

Lotao Zen: gluten-free pasta as rich in nutrients and vitamins as parboiled rice

Lotao Zen has been delighting vegan pasta lovers in Germany and Austria for two months. In these rice pasta specialties the rice is not mixed with corn flour. The focus is on the pure rice taste and production does not require any additional binding agents. Since only high-quality parboiled rice and water are used for Lotao Zen, the noodles cannot stick together or overcook. The gluten-free organic pasta made from parboiled rice contains a very high proportion of nutrients and vitamins.

Visit us at Anuga in Hall 10.2, Stand E 47 and celebrate five years of Lotao with us.
Attached you will find some product sheets and product photos. Further information about the individual products and delicious recipes can be found at www.lotao.de and www.risolier.de . For high-resolution images, product flyers and tasting samples, please contact the press office.
***Last minute announcement***
Lotao is nominated for the title “ORGANIC BRAND OF THE YEAR 2016” from the “Lebensmittelpraxis” magazine in the “Sales focus on food retail” category! The award ceremony will take place on October 13th. as part of Anuga in Cologne.

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