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Selected miracle grains for connoisseurs: Lotao brings a breath of fresh air to the German-speaking rice market

The Berlin company Lotao is now enriching the delicatessen segment with unique Asian rice varieties.
Berlin in March 2011 . Rice, the grain that provides food and life to so many people, often languishes in German-speaking countries in its role as a tasteless filling side dish. By founding Lotao, Stefan Fak now wants to initiate the emancipation of this miracle grain and make hidden rice treasures from Asia accessible to European gourmet palates (www.lotao.com).

Six exquisite rice specialties for market entry

To launch Lotao, six exceptional rice varieties will initially be brought onto the market. “We focus on rice specialties from Asia that are either completely natural or refined with plant reductions,” says company founder Stefan Fak. For further refinement, Lotao has so-called perfectioners (fine spice mixtures) and elixirs (enrichments with fruits and spice plants based on rice oil). ) developed that bring the respective rice to its highest level in terms of taste and consistency. For example, the “Royal Pearl Black” variety, the forbidden rice of Chinese dynasties, is perfected by the perfectioner “Aromaticum Herbal Spice”, a composition of dates, rose and poppy flowers, almonds, pink pepper and nutmeg in combination with sea salt.

Lotao's rice range is offered in high-quality, individually designed packaging and is available in the first sales phase via Feinkost Käfer in Munich, via Galeries Lafayette and KaDeWe in Berlin, via OSCHÄTZCHEN in Hamburg and online via www.lotao.com and within Germany, Available in Austria and Switzerland. Further listing discussions are currently taking place with specialist delicatessen retailers in Germany and Austria.

More than a brand: The Lotao principle

Of the approximately 120,000 rice varieties that exist worldwide, only a few thousand are cultivated and only a few varieties are known in Europe or German-speaking countries. “It is surprising how little we know about how to prepare and use rice and how much we underestimate this food,” says the rice expert, who not without reason describes himself as Germany’s first “Riisolier”. “Lotao wants to revive forgotten, “old” rice varieties and, via the website (www.lotao.com), convey its own attitude to life, which has its origins in the search for the culinary secrets of Asia,” explains Stefan Fak. About the website Interested dealers also have the opportunity to register. The expert blog “Der Risolier” is also a forum for the exchange of topics relating to the Wunderkorn (www.risolier.de).

Lotao's rice specialties are purchased under fair conditions for the producers. The testing process for the organic seal has already been initiated. “Lotao supports initiatives to protect rare rice varieties. We categorically reject genetic modifications or artificial flavor enhancers,” explains Stefan Fak.

About Lotao (www.lotao.com)

The Austrian Stefan Fak (38) founded Lotao GmbH in Berlin in 2010. Lotao brings exquisite Asian rice varieties to the German-speaking market and wants to convey its own attitude to life through the stories associated with it.
Lotao's high-quality products are in the delicatessen segment and are primarily aimed at discerning connoisseurs who care about the quality and origin of food. Lotao products are available via the online shop (www.lotao.com) and selected delicatessen retailers (including Käfer Munich, KaDaWe and Galeries Lafayette Berlin, OSCHÄTZCHEN Hamburg).
By refining them with perfectors and elixirs, Lotao's rice specialties spark new culinary experiences. Perfectioners develop in the rice when added shortly before serving. The loose structure of the rice is retained and is refined by the bouquet of the spicy mixtures. Elixirs are rice oil-based compositions that give the finished rice a smooth consistency and a stimulating shine. They are enriched with selected notes and give the rice a fragrant fullness.

For interview requests and to request product samples and images, please contact the press office. You can find more information about the rice specialties, packaging and prices at www.lotao.com.

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