Lotao press release for the Slow Food Fair Stuttgart 2012

LOTAO is presenting forgotten rice secrets and a holy salt from Indonesia for the first time at the Slow Food in Stuttgart and at the GenussGipfel in Bad Kissingen
Stuttgart/Bad-Kissingen, April 2012.
With six unique Asian rice varieties and a suitcase full of tried-and-tested secrets of traditional rice art, Stefan Fak began implementing his business model in February 2011. The LOTAO founder has successfully demonstrated in the first two years of business that rice can be much more than just a filling side dish: more than 100 renowned delicatessen retailers not only in Germany, Austria and Switzerland but also in France, Belgium, Spain and Poland , Great Britain and the Netherlands have added the LOTAO product range to their range.

A Risolier when traveling

The young company founder has now made a name for himself as Europe's first risolier (rice expert). In his expert blog www.risolier.com he regularly publishes interesting knowledge about the miracle grain. “My primary goal is still to spread the tried and tested rice secrets and to preserve the variety of varieties,” says the Risolier. For each of his rice varieties, Stefan Fak and his team have developed so-called perfectioners (fine spice mixtures) and elixirs (enrichments with fruits and spice plants based on rice oil), which bring the respective rice to its highest level in terms of taste and consistency. For example, the “Royal Pearl Black” variety, the forbidden rice of Chinese dynasties, is perfected by the perfectioner “Aromaticum Herbal Spice”, a composition of dates, rose and poppy flowers, almonds, pink pepper and nutmeg in combination with sea salt.

Crystalline art objects that melt in your mouth

Stefan Fak was actually shopping for rice and coconut blossom sugar on his trip to Indonesia last fall - but the Risolier couldn't just pass by the pure white, hand-scooped salt from the salt pans that he discovered on a trip to Bali. On hot, windy summer days, a wafer-thin, fragile salt crust forms on the surface of the saline water, which is rich in minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium and potassium. The salinero scoops the salt flowers by hand with the greatest care and dries them in the black sand under the Bali sun. The small, glittering salt leaves with their exceptionally delicate crystal texture melt like snow on the tongue and impress with their balanced, very mild mineral bouquet. The Berliner by choice calls BALI PUR the fine souvenir from the island. Flor de Sel is now available as the first Balinese salt specialty in selected delicatessen and organic stores and via the LOTAO online shop.

Visit us at Slow Food 2013 in Stuttgart from 11th to 14th. April and try the LOTAO specialties in Hall 3, Stand 3 D 30.
Or stop by the Corpus-Culinario GenussGipfel in the Regentenbau in Bad-Kissingen on April 15th. You can find us there at stand 42.
For interview requests and to request product samples and images, please contact the press office. You can find out more about the rice specialties, packaging and the LOTAO philosophy at www.lotao.com .

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