Der Reis der Mächtigen: Royal Pearl Black schwarzer Reis

black rice of the mighty: Royal Pearl Black

“He is the mighty one who develops in him who eats him with pleasure.”
Lotao Royal Pearl Black black rice has been cultivated in the subarctic region of the Black Dragon River for over 2,000 years. It is the rice of the powerful and is traded as a delicacy in China. It is special and extremely rarely used as a holiday dish . Even today, the Chinese credit it with bringing about a long and healthy life.
Black rice is a very special type of rice, which we would like to introduce in the blog "Der Risolier" for this reason: In numerous Chinese dynasties , black rice Lotao Royal Pearl Black was forbidden and reserved for the emperor. Powers such as individuality, dignity, unwavering strength and the power over one's own development should remain with him and never reach the rural people.
The aroma of Lotao Royal Pearl Black black organic rice is nutty-spicy - it is completely different from the "typical rice taste" that you usually know.

My preparation tip: I rinse the black whole grain rice briefly under cold water before cooking. For every cup of rice I add two cups of water, bring it to a boil and add some salt. I cook it for about 30 minutes over low heat and then let it soak for 10 minutes. The Royal Pearl Perfectioner is added for a perfect taste. About 5 minutes before serving is the optimal time. This way the loose structure is preserved and the rice is refined by the mixture of flavors. More about Lotao Royal Pearl Black , the rice of the mighty, can be found at:

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