Zwetschgenröster mit Kokosblütenzucker

Plum roaster with coconut blossom sugar

Most of the recipes are nice inspirations. They give an idea of ​​how you can combine ingredients and, in the best case, bring a bit of variety into everyday cooking. However, only a few recipes manage to permanently change cooking habits.
Here's one of them: Since I first made plum roast with coconut blossom sugar , I no longer want to use any other sugar for the popular Austrian dessert . In my opinion, plum roaster with coconut blossom sugar should be included in all Austrian pastry cookbooks, as a full meal and not just as a complement to the popular Kaiserschmarrn . The recipe is not only very simple, but also particularly tasty - especially with rice pudding of course ;))!



  1. To make the plum roaster, first wash and stone the plums.
  2. Then slowly simmer the plums with coconut blossom sugar , cloves, cinnamon bark, lemon juice and a little water until the plum skin curls slightly outwards.
  3. Now remove from the heat and let the plum roaster cool down and enjoy! Poured into a jar immediately after cooking, you can store the roaster for longer! Bon appetit!

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