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    Vegan stews with whole lotus seeds

    With the lotus seeds, our Lotao food scouts have discovered a new, exotic food that has always not only been part of Asian cuisine, but is also considered a functional food. In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) or in Auyurveda, many positive properties are attributed to the Indian lotus plant. For example, lotus seeds are said to be effective against high blood pressure, diabetes and gallstones. In Asian medicine, they are also used to regulate the digestive system and strengthen the immune system. They also trust in their antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

    It is not up to us to judge how the lotus seeds actually have a health-promoting effect, but the proven positive nutrient balance of our lotus seeds from Vietnam immediately convinced us at Lotao. The black seeds are proven to be packed with vitamins A, C and many vitamins from the B group. There are also trace elements such as manganese and iron. In addition, lotus seeds are rich in minerals, antioxidants, fiber and high-quality protein.

    As with all our products, we at Lotao not only focus on the quality of the food, but also on its simple preparation for health-conscious connoisseurs with little time. That's why we're launching a brand new range of ready-to-cook convenience dishes with the superfood lotus seed. Our vegan stews with whole lotus seeds are available in three flavors, each in a practical 330 gram screw-top jar. Simply remove and heat - and Lotao's delicious lotus delight is ready to serve.

    "Lotus Curry Stew" takes us to the home of the lotus plant: Whole lotus seeds in a bowl with sweet potatoes, coconut milk, cardamom, coriander, cinnamon, curry and lemongrass bring the taste and scents of Asia into our home. "Lotus lentil stew" with yellow lentils, carrots, celery, leeks or "lotus vegetables " with carrots, cauliflower and broccoli also contain whole lotus seeds and bring variety to the table in terms of color and taste.

    Whether in the home office or in the office, during the lunch break or for dinner - Lotao's vegan lotus stews are quickly heated and can be enjoyed on their own or combined with side dishes.

    Buy now online from Lotao: 3 vegan stews with the superfood lotus seeds. It's best to order Lotao's rice specialties at the same time, then the stew becomes a "pot for two" in no time at all.