ClimatePartner bestätigt Lotao klimaneutrale Produkte

Sustainability and confirmed climate neutrality of Lotao!

“Climate neutrality” or “CO 2 neutrality” are now also very popular in the food industry. Under the motto “What does the future taste like”, the Federal Association of the German Food Industry (BVE ) and the German Food Association are working on solutions for more sustainability. The associated road show “ZukunftSchmeckt” presented concepts for more sustainable and resource-saving food production at various stops on the tour in 2021 . The focus was on reducing CO 2 emissions and packaging waste and improving recycling.

What does climate neutral mean?

But what does climate neutrality mean, how can it be achieved and proven?
Basically, the definition of “climate neutral” in this context of products or services is quite simple. Climate-neutral services or products do not increase the amount of climate-damaging gases such as carbon in the atmosphere . This can be achieved either by emitting less carbon or by offsetting existing emissions.

ClimatePartner: How does a company become climate neutral?

ClimatePartner supports companies by calculating CO 2 emissions, through savings strategies and offsetting climate protection projects .
In collaboration with ClimatePartner, Lotao achieved a climate-neutral seal and thus climate neutrality status for two of its jackfruit products ( LOTAO JACKFRUIT NATUR VEGAN BIO and LOTAO JACKFRUIT VEGGIE HACK BIO ).
ClimatePartner, with a team of over 300 specialists in 20 countries, is the contact for many companies when it comes to climate neutrality. Whether for Canon, Edeka, DHL or Lotao – ClimatePartner first calculates the respective CO 2 emissions for a product or service . The next step is to reduce carbon emissions or to offset unavoidable emissions in accordance with international standards .
This makes products, services and companies climate-neutral, which is ultimately attested by the ClimatePartner label of the same name . The additional social effects of climate protection projects are important. These are based on the 17 goals for sustainable development of the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

Living climate-neutrally: Lotao supports an Indian project with ClimatePartner

Climate protection project 1232 “Solar energy and education for children in Guttigoli

As part of this certification for Lotao , ClimatePartner assessed the emissions generated by the products LOTAO JACKFRUIT NATUR VEGAN BIO and LOTAO JACKFRUIT VEGGIE HACK BIO from October 2021 to September 2022.
The calculation showed carbon emissions of around 83 tonnes for the entire supply chain of both vegan foods. Its compensation is documented via ClimateID 15937-2103-1001. The compensation payments for this flow into the climate protection project 1232 “Solar energy and education for children in Guttigoli” in the Indian state of Karnataka. Coincidence or providence? Lotao is thus providing compensation directly in the same southern Indian district where a partner cooperative grows Lotao's jackfruit.

EU-supported Lotao jackfruit project in India

Since the beginning of 2019, an EU-supported development project has been running in the same region, where the climate protection program is now also being supported. The aim of the highly acclaimed project is to build a socially responsible, sustainable supply chain of organically certified jackfruit . In collaboration with an agricultural research foundation in Bangalore, Lotao succeeded in significantly improving production and living standards for the small farmers involved. Whether expansion of the infrastructure, better working conditions or training – various measures specifically mesh together . The success was already visible after half of the project's duration:
  • 15,000 jackfruit trees distributed
  • over 100 of the farmers involved are certified organic
  • around 350 farmers trained in organic farming
  • The number of jackfruit farmers in the cooperative increased by around 40 percent
  • Jackfruit sales in the cooperative doubled
The collaboration with ClimatePartner for more climate protection in exactly this region, in which Lotao is already socially and sustainably committed , is the proverbial “icing on the cake”.

Lotao Jackfruit Natur and Lotao Veggie Hack are climate neutral

Here they are, the first two climate-neutral stars from Lotao: the juicy, natural jackfruit pieces from LOTAO JACKFRUIT NATUR VEGAN BIO and the dried LOTAO JACKFRUIT VEGGIE HACK BIO

Jackfruit is an exciting fruit because you can use it in both its green and ripe stages . Jackfruit is also rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamins C and A, and fiber . Jackfruit has now become an integral part of hearty vegan or vegetarian cuisine.
Whether in curry, stew or goulash – the fibrous texture and rather neutral taste of the unripe fruit make it the ideal meat substitute. A real joker in the pantry is the Lotao Veggie Hack made from pea protein and jackfruit . Due to the manufacturing process, it is a dry product with a long shelf life that does not require refrigeration. Lotao Jackfruit Natur and Lotao Veggie Hack are good three times: for you as a consumer, for climate protection and for the cooperative in India involved.

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Jackfruit meat substitute lotao

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