Lotao Green Jackfruit Curry

Lotao Green Jackfruit Curry

Creamy, spicy and simply wonderfully delicious . What would Asian cuisine be without its famous curry ? In terms of content, however, this does not mean the spice mixture that is called curry powder, but rather all those dishes that are prepared like a stew or like a ragout. The composition of curries varies in different countries and regions, but it is primarily the spice mixtures that make the subtle difference. In India , for example , cumin, cloves, fennel, mustard seeds and cinnamon are mainly used. A popular traditional curry specialty is jackfruit curry . Since unripe jackfruit has a similar texture to meat , it is often used as a substitute for chicken or beef. You can also prepare your own jackfruit curry with Lotao Green Natural Jackfruit , a fine curry paste, fresh vegetables and coconut milk .

Lotao organic jackfruit curry

Conversely, there are always situations where things have to be done quickly or where you don't feel like standing in the kitchen yourself. In these cases it is worth trying Lotao Green Jackfruit Curry . The ready-to-pan organic dish is produced by Lotao without artificial colors and preservatives , with the aim of best showcasing the actual, natural flavors . The Lotao Green Jackfruit Curry consists of Indian jackfruit pieces in a creamy organic curry sauce . The curry only needs to be heated in a pan or in a water bath for five minutes and can then be enjoyed straight away with rice or bread. The color of the sauce can vary slightly because no oxidation-inhibiting additives such as ascorbic or citric acid have been added. The natural oxidation process of the jackfruit pieces does not represent a loss of quality, but rather shows that the Lotao Green Jackfruit Curry is a 100% pure natural product .

Our tip:

To refine the Lotao Green Jackfruit Curry, you can also add fresh snow peas, bamboo shoots, carrots or mushrooms . Combine the vegetables as you like and simply fry them briefly together with the jackfruit curry . If you want a little more sauce or less spiciness, you can dilute the ready meal with a little water or coconut milk.

Which rice for the curry?

Curcuma Sun , the explorers' golden rice , is certainly the ideal rice for any curry. The tender basmati rice with crunchy pieces of turmeric takes on a golden color as it cooks. The rice has a floral scent, but is also aromatic and spicy at the same time. The delicate aroma and easy preparation make it a real classic that should not be missing in any kitchen.

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