Orientalische Bowl mit Hafer und Kichererbsen

Oriental bowl with oats and chickpeas

LOTAO is breaking new ground with a proven concept after its relaunch. The focus is currently on 13 ready-made and semi-finished meals that combine the usual organic quality with minimal effort in preparation. For the first time there are three vegan, colorful bowls : Oriental Bowl , Mediterranean Bowl and Thai Bowl . Classics of international cuisine, but newly presented and completely without artificial flavors, additives or preservatives . Easy to prepare, easy to store and transport - perfect for anyone who doesn't want to compromise on a quick lunch .

Bowls: not always just superfood in a bowl?

Bowls are in, that's without a doubt. What was still largely unknown ten years ago has long since become a trendy fashion dish, and not just through countless Instagram posts. Almost no modern restaurant can do without them, but unfortunately as popularity increases, standards also seem to decline. What was originally considered a “healthy dish” unfortunately in some places is more like using up leftovers: a lot of cheap rice with vegetables and a questionable ready-made sauce. Often with an ambitious name and a high price.

Is there a standard for bowls?

Probably not. The name “bowl” does not refer to a specific dish with a defined recipe, but rather refers to the way it is presented: everything in one bowl . In principle, there are no regulations or traditional recipes as to what belongs in this bowl. But a kind of common sense or an expectation. A classic bowl is often associated with a vegetarian or vegan dish .
Bowl fans therefore expect a filling base of rice, grains or pseudo-grains such as quinoa or buckwheat . But sweet potatoes and legumes are also popular bases for a bowl. Plus cooked or raw vegetables, salads, fruits or citrus fruits. Sauce and topping made from seeds, nuts or sprouts crown the whole thing and give each bowl its own individual touch. Small bowl, big effort.

New at LOTAO: Vegan bowls as ready meals

LOTAO wants to make vegan taste experiences easy for connoisseurs and has therefore developed a new series of ready-to-eat bowls . A healthy meal in just a few minutes , without compromising on quality? Of course, it works with our vegan bowls and ready meals! 13 classics from international cuisine bring colorful variety to your lunch break . Fairly produced with the best ingredients in organic quality, uncompromisingly good, true to our motto.
Why not start your week with a veggie curry with jackfruit ? On Tuesday the Mediterranean Bowl beckons. Let the vegetable bowl with coconut milk curry take you to Thailand on Wednesday. Maybe a delicious chili sin carne on Thursday and then a trip to new worlds of enjoyment with the Oriental Bowl on Friday? Or would you prefer the other way around?
It's good that we at LOTAO have put together enough varied, healthy convenience dishes for you. This will easily get you through two full weeks of work.

No matter when and where you are hungry, you can heat up our colorful bowls and ready meals almost anywhere with little effort . Do you still have leftovers from the day before? Or a little more time? Then just use our vegan ready meals as a flexible basis to combine them creatively. Curry , Bolognese sauce and ragout , for example, are particularly suitable for this.

Oriental bowl with oats and chickpeas new at LOTAO

Get oriental flavors on your plate with this bowl: cardamom, lemongrass and curry combine harmoniously in a delicious coconut milk sauce .
Chickpeas and oats in the Oriental Bowl ensure that you stay full for a long time in a healthy way. Fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements make your quick lunch an all-round, wholesome treat that is good for you.

The Oriental Bowl in a 220g bag is easy to store, transport and prepare! In the office or at home, no matter where you feel hungry, the delicious bowl is heated up in a flash and you can enjoy it.

Chickpeas and oats – a dream combination not just for vegans

Word has now gotten around everywhere that legumes are very high in protein . You often read in publications that vegetarians and vegans in particular should attach particular importance to such good plant-based protein sources . We at LOTAO are convinced that plant-based proteins are good for all of us, regardless of whether we follow a flexitarian, vegetarian or vegan diet.

However, chickpeas not only provide us with proteins, but also carbohydrates, important fiber and much more. In our Oriental Bowl, chickpeas with oats meet a real dream partner , from a nutritional point of view, because that's everything in it:

  • Soluble and insoluble fiber
  • Essential amino acids lysine and threonine
  • Long chain carbohydrates
  • Five different B vitamins
  • Vitamins A, C, E and H
  • Minerals iron, potassium, calcium, copper, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus and zinc

Oats – a top source of fiber beta-glucan

Why do we put oats in our oriental bowl ? You might be more familiar with it from your breakfast bowl. However, according to nutritional medicine, you can't eat enough oats. The fact that oats are now so popular among health-conscious connoisseurs is mainly due to their soluble fiber. This is the so-called beta-glucan , which is mainly found in the outer layers of the grain. Beta-glucans are long-chain carbohydrates that bind fluid, allowing food to stay in the stomach and intestines longer . The result? Quite simply: you feel full for longer. Another advantage of beta-glucans is that they are indigestible in the small intestine.
Studies have also shown for many years that beta-glucan's properties have a positive effect on blood sugar and can lower blood cholesterol levels . Beta-glucans can also have a positive effect on intestinal health and activate the immune system .

Oats, jackfruit and buckwheat: the delicious bowls from LOTAO

Our new bowls are balanced and contribute to your healthy diet with oats, buckwheat, chickpeas and jackfruit . You can also use them as a base for your own creations, depending on your taste. Refine them with your favorite vegetables, add rice or millet or try our veggie balls .
In an attractive mix package you will find both our new additions and our tried and tested LOTAO favorites. This allows you to gradually try out all of our vegan convenience dishes. For your culinary journey of discovery – not just during your lunch break!

Our spicy snack trio, the LOTAO Cups, helps you get through particularly long days without a growling stomach. Bolognese Cup , Curry Cup , Sweet & Sour Cup are your delicious little saviors to spoon between all the many appointments. Pour in hot water, stir, wait a bit and then… just enjoy.

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