Süße Leckereien mit gutem Gewissen

Sweet treats with a clear conscience

Whether spicy stollen or chocolatey Christmas cookies – the pre-Christmas bakery is an indispensable part of the Advent season. Lotao now offers exciting alternatives to conventional industrial sugar that can be used wonderfully for sweet treats .
In addition to the coconut blossom sugar classic Java Kiss, the portfolio has now been expanded to include agave , rice and cane sugar specialties , which are incomparable, especially due to their production and specific properties. The special thing about the types of sugar is the quality of the sprinkling, because with liquid sweeteners there is often a problem with the dosage - especially with traditional family recipes, the consistency of the cookie dough can change and the result does not meet the expectations of the hard-working Christmas bakers.
The annoying issue of clogged syrup bottles is also a thing of the past with the “Lotao Kiss” sugar variations.

Here is an overview of the new varieties:

  • Maya Kiss : Made from one of the most fascinating plants in the world , this sugar with the best properties comes from agave . When making “Maya Kiss” , organic agave syrup is gently evaporated until only the fine, crystalline agave sugar remains . The result is a seasoning with a unique shelf life and pleasant texture. “Maya Kiss” is naturally free of gluten and lactose and is ideal for pastries thanks to its consistently mild taste. Because agave sugar is so fine, it dissolves quickly and is therefore the perfect alternative to table sugar for any intensity of sweetness.

Fine Christmas cookies without a guilty conscience

  • Jaggery Kiss : The sustainable cane sugar for Lotao is produced according to old traditions in small businesses in northern India. The Ayurvedic sugar specialty has been produced in the same way for centuries. During the production process, an Ayurvedic master ensures that Ayurvedic principles are adhered to, because the end product is considered particularly valuable. It is sweet and molasses, round and fruity in taste and only delicately sweet , which is why it is particularly suitable for speculoos varieties and cakes.
  • Rice Kiss : For Lotao “Rice Kiss” , organic rice syrup is gently dried until a mild crystalline sweetness is created . The organic rice sweetener is naturally free of gluten, fructose and milk sugar (lactose) , which makes it particularly well tolerated. The finely crystalline white powder has a slight butter and honey note and is therefore particularly good in butter and walnut or hazelnut pastries.
All four variants are lower in calories than conventional table sugar and are therefore ideal for nutritionally conscious baking . The natural production sets the Lotao Kiss series apart from substitute sweeteners such as stevia or maple syrup.

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