Indian Tiger Salat mit Mango und Minze

Indian Tiger Salad with mango and mint

Tiger Umbra , a red whole grain rice, is a rarity even in its country of origin, India: Due to the difficult geographical conditions in the growing area and the low area yield, the red rice is only grown by a few locals . Due to the longer fallow period and the climatic conditions, it can only be harvested once a year . The rice also owes its red color to the region where it is grown, as the clayey texture turns the shell of the grain red while the inside remains white. Red rice has a very special meaning for Indian cuisine: depending on the region, various dishes are prepared with it, including a refreshing rice salad that is served as a starter or side dish:



  1. Cook Indian Tiger Umbra rice in a saucepan with salted water according to the instructions on the package and allow to cool.
  2. Peel the apple, mango and onion, cut into cubes and put in a bowl with walnut oil. Fold in the cooled rice and season with salt , pepper, Java Kiss and lemon juice.
  3. Cut the chili pepper into thin rings and mix in the cashew nuts and cranberries. Arrange the rice salad, garnish with mint and coconut chips as a topping. Serve cold and enjoy. Bon appetit!

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